Credit Card: 5 Errors to Avoid During the Holiday Season

Gifts, Christmas parties … the end of year holidays are the period of all dangers for our finances. On average, a Quebecker spends an average of $ 475 on Christmas gifts, and the majority of payments will be made by credit card. But beware, the amount of expenses for the holidays, often dizzying, may sometimes […]


Need Urgent Money: Choosing between Savings and Line of Credit

Life is made of unforeseen things: disasters, job loss, illness … anyone can face an urgent need for money. If you have money aside, you will certainly be asking yourself the question of using your savings to pay urgent bills when it was destined for a completely different project. However, rather than squandering your personal […]


Financial Option: What are the Possibilities for your Studies

To pursue one’s studies is to build one’s professional project and to choose one’s future. In this logic, many students want to continue their learning in graduate cycles to be ready when they enter the job market. However, the related costs can be substantial. Between the price of the studies in itself and that of […]