Can We Get a Loan Without Reasons to Renovate His House

4 Jan

Are you observing your old house and feeling discouraged by the number of jobs to be done? You have ideas for renovations in your head, but the necessary monetary resources may not be quite right for you! Should you opt for borrowing a small additional amount without supporting documents or … Read More »

5 Tips for Making Money Fast Economy

30 Dec

Saving money for a future project is an ambition for many people. However, this desire can be difficult to achieve, especially in the short term. Whether for lack of motivation or strategy, saving quickly seems a much more difficult task than we think. NCR Loans offers you 5 tips that … Read More »

Credit Rating: 5 Toxic Behaviors to Avoid Absolutely

29 Dec

We have touched in a previous article the subject of the credit score: what it is, its importance and the factors that are used to calculate it. In order to have a good reputation with financial institutions, we must avoid behaviors that can negatively affect this score. This will allow … Read More »

5 Tips to Help You Choose Your Financial Institution

24 Dec

In general, the era of the Internet simplifies everyday life. However, it has also complicated our decision-making processes. The arrival of virtual banking institutions is a perfect example. By multiplying the choices, they have complicated analysis: Desjardins, RBC, BMO, or the various private organizations less recognized … it becomes easy … Read More »

Getting a Loan Without a Credit Survey and Without a Job: Possible?

9 Dec

In today’s economic climate, it is not uncommon for layoffs to occur and for many workers to become unemployed overnight. To find oneself in such a situation naturally brings a lot of uncertainties, especially on the side of the payment of bills and debts. Financial institutions are often reluctant to … Read More »

Credit Card: 5 Errors to Avoid During the Holiday Season

10 Nov

Gifts, Christmas parties … the end of year holidays are the period of all dangers for our finances. On average, a Quebecker spends an average of $ 475 on Christmas gifts, and the majority of payments will be made by credit card. But beware, the amount of expenses for the … Read More »

Need Urgent Money: Choosing between Savings and Line of Credit

8 Nov

Life is made of unforeseen things: disasters, job loss, illness … anyone can face an urgent need for money. If you have money aside, you will certainly be asking yourself the question of using your savings to pay urgent bills when it was destined for a completely different project. However, … Read More »

Financial Option: What are the Possibilities for your Studies

3 Nov

To pursue one’s studies is to build one’s professional project and to choose one’s future. In this logic, many students want to continue their learning in graduate cycles to be ready when they enter the job market. However, the related costs can be substantial. Between the price of the studies … Read More »

Set a Budget for End of Year Gifts: Our 3 Tips

15 Oct

Christmas shopping is an important part of our holiday spending. It can also affect our finances, which is why it is important to establish a budget. For this, nothing more simple, make a list of people for whom you want to spend a few dollars depending on the state of … Read More »