3 inspiring success stories that will motivate you to never give up



06/18/2021 8:43 AM

William Willis

Everyone dreams of success in every phase of life. But life is a journey designed with an itinerary full of challenges, setbacks, and failures. Success has never been easy for anyone. So if you are torturing yourself by justifying your mistakes and blaming fate for being what it is, then you should definitely read this article.

You can use a student essay writing service to get your assignments done while battling the feeling of giving up. Meanwhile, to increase motivation, we’ve written down the stories of some successful people who paved their way to success after reaching a low point of rejection, misfortune, and loss.

JK Rowling

“It is impossible to live without failing, unless you live so carefully that you might as well not have lived – in which case you default by default.” – JK Rowling.

One of the renowned authors who changed the magical world for everyone with the Harry Potter series is JK Rowling. When you look at the revenue earned by the books and films based on the series, you will be amazed.

All eight films grossed a total of $ 7.7 billion, and sales of the books were also $ 7.7 billion. That amount of success and fortune is the result of the persistence and hard work that Rowling has put in.

The lady, who once considered herself a failure, never let go of her dream book idea and kept coming back to it. From the death of her mother to a failed marriage and the inevitable responsibility of raising a daughter alone, Rowling had endured everything.

When, after years of setbacks, she started sending the manuscript of her book to the publishers, they kept rejecting it. She began to lose her confidence when a glimmer of hope entered her life.

A publisher read her manuscript, and when the editor’s daughter loved the book, the publisher agreed to publish Rowling’s novel. The rest is the story we all know. One of the bestselling authors had been striving for success when life threw curveballs at her.

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Glenn Cunningham

Another story that tells you the power of not giving up is by Glenn Cunningham. 7-year-old Glenn and his 9-year-old brother Floyd were born into a not-so-affluent family in a small town called Everetts, Kansas, and walked nearly 2 miles to their school every day.

It was her duty to light the fire in the stove to warm the room before the teacher and the other students arrived. One such morning, Glenn and Floyd were attacked by a fire after they soaked the logs in gasoline instead of kerosene and started the fire.

Someone had mistakenly filled the kerosene container with gasoline that the brothers did not know about. This explosion of fire cost Floyd his life and Glenn’s ability to walk.

Glenn was hospitalized for several weeks and his lower body was destroyed in the incident. Doctors didn’t think he would survive, but when he did the doctors were pessimistic about his ability to ever walk again.

He was determined to leave as the handicap hurt more than the physical pain. Although Glenn had a two-inch difference in his legs and was confined to a bed and wheelchair, one day Glenn threw himself on the floor. He dragged himself through the grass to the fence.

With his support he dragged himself further along the fence and tried to get his legs working again. After weeks of fighting, his legs began to work and he was able to walk again with some difficulty. According to Glenn, walking hurts more than running. So he ran and ran a lot.

And today we all know the athlete who won many races in many championships and set world records. Cunningham was nicknamed “The Kansas Ironman”. After his running career, Glenn and his wife even ran a home for troubled teenagers and lived great lives.

Sirivat Voravetvutikun

Our next inspirational story features Mr. Sandwich from Thailand. Once a multimillionaire, Sirivat Voravetvuthikun, went bankrupt after the infamous Asian financial crisis in the 1990s. The unfortunate event earned him millions in debts.

But even this setback didn’t break his willpower, and from the morning he started selling sandwiches on the street until all the sandwiches were sold. His wife made sandwiches at night. It soon became a talking point in the media, but nothing forced him to stop.

The courage and dignity he stood by made him famous, and people bought his sandwiches. He even earned the affectionate name of Mr. Sandwich. After a long period of emergency, Mr. Sandwich became a brand and Mr. Sirivat regained his wealth and respect.

Bring away

All of the above stories make us believe in hard work and perseverance. The value of high morals and determination will strengthen your spirit and never let you give up in difficult times. Your journey to success is the story of how you master the challenges that lie along the way.

So, just when you feel like quitting, read about the struggles of those who have become successful and strong. And hold on to your efforts a little longer.


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