90 Day Fiancé fans have slammed Pedro’s performance as a real estate agent

Some 90 Day Fiancé fans who have been clients of Pedro Jimeno claim that he is not a good real estate agent and is “awkward” at work.

former 90 days fiance Franchise star Pedro Jimeno usually flaunts his skills as a real estate agent, but fans have been poking fun at his skills lately. The 30-year-old reality star made her debut in Season 4 where she married his American partner Chantel Everett. The couple’s relationship was initially very strong as the two stayed by each other’s sides through family drama and arguments. However, things have changed in recent months as the two grew apart on their spin-off show. The family choir. Pedro and Chantel are now separated and their divorce proceedings are ongoing.


Chantel had always been supportive of Pedro and tried to save their marriage from their final breakup. But the Dominican native has always prioritized his career as a realtor over his marriage. Pedro works at Laura Delgado Realty, which has sold 919 properties at an average list price of $450,000. At his job, he works with his boss Laura and his colleague Antonella. The family choir star usually flaunts its successful sales, among other accomplishments, on its professional social media page. However, 90 day fiance Viewers noticed that his employer’s website has a lot of spelling mistakes that don’t look professional.

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Recently, fans looked at Pedro’s professional biography on the Laura Delgado Realty website and could not believe its absurdity. A Redditor ToshVal posted the screenshot of the page titled, “The influencer.LMAOL!,” alluding to the fact that Pedro has claimed to be a “Influencer to Agent” in the first line of his biography. Other Redditors chimed in with their reactions and wrote their personal stories. One of them claimed “He was the agent for one of the buyers I signed. The buyer didn’t speak English so Pedro translated but it was very half a**.” The fan claimed Pedro showed up late in the day and acted “Unpleasantries.”

Another Redditor claimed that the reality star is not a good broker, stating: “When he did that go through with a high-quality customer and didn’t even know the lot size, I figured he wasn’t the hardworking agent he made out to be.” Other fans spoke out about the grammatical errors in Pedro’s bio and left several harsh comments about his smug attitude. A Redditor shared, “Someone couldn’t proofread that???” to which another replied, “Someone is a little too confident with their English lol. Sounds a lot like Pedro.” Someone else called 90 day fiance franchise graduate a narcissist and commented: “I doubt it occurred to career great Pedro that it might be felt unprofessional to put ‘influencer’ in his typo-riddled bio.”

There is no doubt that Pedro’s professional page has some spelling mistakes. Apart from the fact that he wrote “influencer‘ in the first line of his biography seems a bit amateurish. It’s understandable why many fans are mad at him for speaking out about how “Home is where family is.” In contrast, he has shown hypocritical behavior on the show by coming home late to his wife. After seeing 90 day fiance Criticism from fans online, Pedro can correct the mistakes in his bio.

Source: ToshVal/reddit

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