releases GhostDetect, a tool to combat ghostwriting and plagiarism

Is this text written by someone other than the author? Check it for possible plagiarism and uncredited ghostwriting with GhostDetect from! (Photo Credit: DaveLongMedia by Getty Images Signature, Canva Pro License)

Educators, students and writers now have a free tool to check text for stylistic consistency and signs of possible content plagiarism and uncredited ghostwriting

DENTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 27, 2022 / — A disturbing fact: Nearly 60% of college students admit to having cheated in some form at least once. And it’s not just students who cheat. News media are increasingly bringing stories about researchers, authors, or journalists pulling unattributed content from other sources.

Ghostwriting, plagiarism and fraud in general are on the rise. But how to fight this epidemic of content that aims to deceive? announces that it is now the new home of GhostDetect®, the anti-ghostwriting and anti-plagiarism tool. Educators, students, writers, and anyone wanting to verify the integrity of written content can access this powerful writing resource for free:

GhostDetect ghostwriting detection tool

“Our society keeps raising the stakes for success and failure. Students are so desperate to be successful that cheating has become a cultural norm. College students consider what’s at stake—the huge cost of an education, ending a career before it begins, and potentially destroying everything they’ve worked for—and they see it as a risk they’re willing to take . Unfortunately, this means that few students ever really get the help they need,” says Dr. Jed Macosko, Academic Director of and Professor of Physics at Wake Forest University.

“Not only can GhostDetect help identify ghostwriting and content plagiarism, but more importantly, it can help educators identify which students need support outside of the classroom. These students can then get the help they need to better cope with the assignments, overcome their fears, and deal with school pressures properly.”

GhostDetect analyzes stylistic differences between two writing patterns. It attempts to identify inconsistencies between an author’s typical writing style and another source. The underlying assumption behind this tool is that the greater the stylometric differences in the writing samples, the less likely it is that these two samples are from the same author. By tracking deviations in authoring style, GhostDetect alerts the user to possible ghostwriting and plagiarized texts.

Analytical tests, controls and result interpretation in GhostDetect:
• Flesch-Kincaid grade level
• Flesch-Kincaid reading comfort
• Overspray index
• Coleman-Liau Index
• SMOG class
• Automated readability index
• Average sentence length
• Average syllables per word
• Parts of the speech
• Function Words
• Syllables in Word
• Sentence lengths
• Suspicious words and phrases
• Flury-Riedwyl faces

Flury-Riedwyl Faces is an interpretive tool that translates the multivariate data found during font analysis into computer-generated faces to help users assess similarity. Because humans are hardwired to understand facial patterns at a glance, faces like these provide a quick way to compare degrees of variation between two samples of writing.

Academic fraud harms all who are affected. Because is committed to academic integrity, its staff work to improve the quality of scholarship and student writing. The company recently released _The Complete Guide To Contract Cheating in Higher Education_ by Dave Tomar, the leading expert on contract cheating. The synopsis promises to become the leading source for information on contract fraud, its causes and its remedies.

“GhostDetect and _The Complete Guide To Contract Cheating in Higher Education_ are other examples of how continues to promote tools and resources that improve the quality of learning and academic integrity,” says Macosko. “If you’re looking to take your education to a higher level, visit our site and see what we have to offer for everyone who loves to learn.” is the preeminent, technology-driven academic rankings website, catering to students, researchers and stakeholders from high school through college and beyond. Its innovative and proprietary machine learning technology – the InfluenceRanking Engine – searches the web’s most important datasets to map and measure a school’s or individual’s academic influence. The result is better rankings for better education. (See the About page for more details on the unique capabilities and benefits of this advanced technology.) is part of the EducationAccess group, a family of websites dedicated to lifelong learning and personal development to have.

Photo Credit: DaveLongMedia by Getty Images Signature, Canva Pro License.

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