Afternoon storms: Wednesday radar simulations and live widget

July 27, 2022

Update Wednesday afternoon

We are still below the Influence Line that will attempt to send showers our way. Also known as the quasi-stationary front, this near-stalled front features waves of disturbances that can trigger clusters or lines of rain and storms.

These are not easy to track, especially in the current environment of poorly performing short-range computer modeling. That’s why I didn’t make any “suggestions” but some kind of promises. Yesterday, for example, it didn’t come off completely.

Today looks like one of those pulses will shift with a series of showers and thunderstorms. We can already see showers approaching (at 2:00 p.m.).

In metropolitan areas, you can expect it between 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. at best. Below is the comparison to show the similarities and differences between the NAM 3 Km and HRRR models as well as the Love Radar and Lightning Widget which you can follow right here.

afternoon build-up

Doppler radar snapshot

Some rain showers are already forming in the mountains south of Hagerstown. Watch this region shift eastward…which is closer to the NAM 3km time below.

Short term prognosis

The good news is that there is some consistency between the two short-range models. The difference is in the timing. Here we see storms developing into the Washington and Baltimore metropolitan areas.

  • NAM 3 km model: (earlier) around 5 p.m

  • HRRR Model: (later) Closer to 7 p.m

View the animation of each product under the live radar/lightning widget

NAM 3 km (formerly for metropolitan areas)

HRRR model (2 hours later for metro areas)

Live lightning and radar widget

Radar simulations..

Here we can see both models in motion supporting a brief flare and then scattered showers through midnight.

NAM 3 km: 2:00 p.m. to midnight

July 27 weather radar simulation nam

HRRR model 14:00 to midnight

July 27-Weather Radar Simulation-hrrr


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