April 24 Summer heat Sunday inland and still a chill by the water

April 24, 2022

Sunday morning report

We have a wonderful start to this last weekend of April. But before we take a look at the wild heights, let’s go back to yesterday and see how warm it’s gotten. The expectation of wide distribution was met on the map, and a slight shift in air masses will provide a clue today.

The high temperatures on Saturday

  • 60s by the Bay and most of Delmarva… With the exception of a small warmer region, better Easton and Salisbury.
  • 70’s from Baltimore and far west..
  • 80’s in the mountains of Cumberland and central to southern Virginia.

Set up tomorrow

surface weather

Far view

A blizzard rages across the Northern Plains…

The Midwest cold front will trigger some storms, but well ahead of them today will try to push warm air east.

closer view

A stationary front yesterday defines the separation of cool and warm air. That boundary will still be in our region today, but should be moved a little further east… But the Chesapeake Bay will still provide local cooling.


Mild morning

afternoon high

Near Baltimore it will be almost 80ºF. I’m pushing that brand, but it’s more likely to be further inland.

Look to Central and Southern Virginia… Temperatures will soar into the high 80’s and low 90’s!!! This is SUMMER HEAT!

Delmarva and the coastal areas remain cool.


TODAY 24.04

Normal low in Baltimore: 45ºF

Record 32ºF in 2003

Normal high in Baltimore: 68ºF

Record 93ºF 1960

Monday weather

Let’s first look at the winds from Sunday afternoon through Monday.

Here we can see the wind trying this afternoon and then dominating on Monday. This will lower the temperature (again) a bit.

April 24 Weather Wind Forecast

morning temperatures

afternoon temperatures

Thanks to the wind it will be much cooler…

There should be more clouds and we may see speckles developing that don’t show up on radar.

Tuesday showers

This is the day when a cold front should arrive with a chance of spotty rain. The risk of storms will be low…

April 24 Weather Rain Tuesday

The air that follows will be cool! Thursday morning brings another regional frost!

I will have more about the cool end of April and outlook in my evening report.

7 day forecast

A rainy Tuesday may be followed by frost on Thursday morning.

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