Center for Advanced Legal Studies, Training and Research, MNLU Mumbai

The center runs with threefold goals:

1. Advanced legal studies

The center aims to facilitate the advanced study of law for students, professionals, research scholars and all stakeholders in society through various sources such as academic programs including advanced short-term and long-term certificate courses, diplomas and degrees, and specializations in various contemporary and advanced subjects in law .

2. Legal education

The additional goal of the center is the theoretical and practical training of students, professionals, research scientists, companies, investigative agencies and other leaders with the help, support and advice of various experts in the field and luminaries working in the profession or any institution and academic and research institutions, various government agencies.

3. Legal Research

Encouraging and promoting high-quality, high-standard legal research is one of the Centre’s main objectives. The center organizes various seminars, webinars, symposiums and conferences and invites presentations and publications on various contemporary, progressive and trend-setting topics in the field of law. This center offers advice, support and guidance to those who are really in need and also aims to help society in the search for social justice by spreading legal awareness through various socio-legal programs in different social structures that by educational institutions, professional associations, government agencies and for the common people in society. All activities related to legal research, training, studies and consulting are carried out independently and in cooperation and coordination of different centers running under the MNLU.

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