Che Grayson and Kelsey Ramsay join Scott Snyder’s Dark Spaces at IDW


IDW has announced the next comic in the dark rooms Line curated by superstar author Scott Snyder. Dark Rooms: Good Deeds is a new comic by the author Che Grayson and artists Kelsey Ramsay Debuting sometime in 2023. The press release describes the comic as follows:

​​Good Deeds tells a haunting tale of historical sins and a supernatural legend bent on revenge. When teenage girl Cheyenne Collins and her mother move to St. Augustine, Fla. on the eve of the city’s anniversary, the community begins to die and a disgraced journalist steps in to pick up the story and save her career. As the women are drawn together in the investigation, they uncover the city’s violent obsession with its founding mythology and the Fountain of Youth, as well as their own role in the coming reckoning.

And Scott Snyder raves:

Like Dark Spaces: Wildfire, Good Deeds is a harrowing, character-driven exploration of the personal, ethical, and material consequences of the choices desperate people make under extreme pressure. One of our main goals with the Dark Spaces series is to nurture emerging talent, and I’m particularly excited to be collaborating with explosively talented writer and filmmaker Che Grayson, and artist exceptional Kelsey Ramsay. I can’t wait for readers to see what they bring to this series!

Grayson had this to say Dark Rooms: Good Deeds:

I wanted to tell a elemental and chilling story about the entangled nature of American history and the marginalized communities that are often left out of the narrative. Good deeds exist at the intersection of revisionism, legend, and truth, and my characters are motivated by a desire to either uncover or hide that truth. I am thrilled to be collaborating on this project with Kelsey, an incredible artist whose striking linework and character design made her the clear choice to bring this supernatural thriller to life.

And Ramsay said:

Thrillers based on reality scared me best, so I was excited for the opportunity to be part of the realization of this dark, enigmatic story. With Che’s incredible voice, infectious energy and thoughtfulness, it wasn’t difficult to mirror her dazzling creative flourishes in the gritty artwork and swampy Southern designs. I’m so excited to be part of this remarkable team and can’t wait to share Dark Spaces: Good Deeds!

editor Maggie Howell also had a quote in the press release, but Bleeding Cool management maintains a strict no-editors policy. Believe us, we’ve been asking for someone to proofread these things for ages. Therefore we cannot print quotes from editors. Well, at least not as long as we’ve already reached the minimum word count for the article. Bleeding Cool ranks very low on editors but very high on word counts, SEO results, and hashtags. On the other hand, we’re really high on… you know what, best not to mention it. We’re just really high. Although no release date was given, IDW has promised so Dark Rooms: Good Deeds would come with “several cover variants” so that at least someone has their priorities clear.

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