Class 2 NCERT book receives criticism for biased portrayal of Eid-ul-Fitr, Ganesh Chaturthi

A photo said to be from a second-grade NCERT book has been criticized for its biased depiction of the Muslim festival of Eid-ul-Fitr and the Hindu celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi. Despite the fact that the study material enlightened students about festivals of both religions, some observed a noticeable gap in the printed content.

Sharing information about Eid-ul-Fitr, the book said: “On this day, people hug and wish each other Eid Mubarak. They offer namaaz in mosques and eat a sweet dish called sewai.” Referring to the later explained Hindu festival, the words were woven in an inclusive or inclusive format with the use of “we.” “On Ganesh Chaturthi we celebrate the birth of Lord Ganesha,” it said.

The discussed pages of the NCERT book had also surfaced on social media in 2021. In September last year, it was reported by the media that the intentions in the study material were not wrong, just grammar that confuses readers who played around the words. It was then pointed out in the You vs. Us debate that the terms were used in accordance with the requirements of the sentence.

However, recent tweets have condemned the writing, claiming that the book was likely published without an effective proofreading process. Meanwhile, netizens also criticized the publication for preaching discriminatory ideas to young minds. Twitterati wrote: “Discrimination starts here”, “very good parenting” and so on…

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