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The days of Netflix & Chill are over. Now we have Netflix curled up on the couch with our partner. Nothing beats a little cuddle time with your partner checking out the Netflix content library. A healthy love story that plays on the screen as you play your own story. We present our favorite films about love to choose from.

To all the boys I’ve loved before

Based on the Jenny Hans book trilogy, this film franchise has quickly become a quintessential love story for young adults from the Netflix era. To all the boys I’ve loved before follows the lives of the Song Covey sisters: Margot, Lara Jean and Kitty. The film specifically focuses on Lara Jean, a reserved teenage girl who writes love letters that she never sends to her crushes.

Things change when Kitty decides to spice up her sister’s life and sends out the love letter Lara Jean has written to her crushes since childhood – including her now gay best friend Lucas, her neighbor and Margot’s ex-boyfriend Josh, high school Sweetheart Peter Kavinsky. and John Ambrose McClaren, a colleague she met at a Model UN event. Now she is responsible to them and gets caught in her web of lies.

As you can imagine the film is based on a lot of clichés (like how Lara Jean and Peter fall in love when they pretend to be a couple) but the general charm of all three films lies in the costumes, the sets, the decor, the originality of the city and the quirkiness of the characters.

Set it up

It’s a story as old as time with a modern twist: two people try to start another couple and eventually find out they fall in love too. In this case, Harper & Charlie are reworked assistants to two wild and successful bosses. Looking for a way to make their lives easier and make the lives of their superiors easier, they plan to set it up.

They plan everything from meeting up to scheduling appointments to leaving notes and gifts – but when their bosses’ relationship starts to get bumpy, the mishaps begin. With Zoey Deutch, Glen Powell, Taye Diggs and Lucy Liu, Set it up is a delightful watch.

The ugly truth

When you’re in the mood for less clichés in a romcom, hit the play button The ugly truth. Starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler, it shows life in showbiz and the elusive nature of love. It’s about Abby, who finds no love from her assistant despite appointments and leads a “cat lady” life.

On the other hand, Mike Chadway, a local TV sensation with his own scatological ideas of love, which he shamelessly propagates on live TV. On the surface, it’s a pretty clichéd act: they hate each other at first, then Mike helps Abby win another man, but eventually falls in love with her himself.

There are hilarious one-liners, sensational chemistry, and enough funny scenes to keep the momentum going. We feel like it’s a social responsibility here to mention that this isn’t a family movie. It’s not the usual Heigl atmosphere either – The ugly truth is stark, straightforward and without restrictions.

The bounty hunters

No list of rom-coms is complete without throwing a Jennifer Aniston flick into the mix. Another Gerard Butler movie, The bounty hunters isn’t an obvious choice for an epic romcom, but the modernity of the story makes it well worth watching.

What follows is the story of Nicole & Milo, a divorced couple who were reunited by fate. Milo is a retired NYPD detective and now a bounty hunter. Nicole is an investigative reporter chasing a murder story. Her informant goes missing shortly before their meeting and she has to skip her hearing (she was on bail for assaulting a police officer). As you might have guessed, Milo is the bounty hunter.

What follows is a fun, sometimes exhilarating, sometimes shallow mix of flirtation and chase.

What’s your favorite movie about love? Is it on netflix? If so, write it in the comments so we can cuddle up with our cuties!

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