Eric Whiteside has been selected as the newest Deputy Chief of the University Police Department, working alongside current Deputy Chief Tracy Hahn. Photo credit: Courtesy of the State of Ohio

Eric Whiteside will be the newest Deputy Chief of the University Police Department, working with current Deputy Chief Tracy Hahn to begin his tenure.

University spokesman Dan Hedman said the university police force will employ two deputy police chiefs whose duties will be divided between them. Whiteside and Hahn will work together until Hahn’s retirement on April 30, but Hahn’s replacement has yet to be announced Public Security Department.

Whiteside has worked with Hahn and Chief Kimberly Spears-McNatt for several years, most recently as captain, and he said his relationship with the two has provided an opportunity to learn within the department.

“I’m in a great position because I have someone with a wealth of experience in the office next door and I’m going to choose [Hahn’s] brain for the next two months about what I need to do to be successful,” Whiteside said.

The Deputy Chief position works directly under Spears-McNatt and oversees the Lieutenants, Detectives and Patrol Officers. Whiteside worked for the university police force for 25 years, progressing from patrolman to captain over the course of his career.

“I’ve lived my entire law enforcement career here and I feel like I’m a Buckeye for life,” Whiteside said. “I have so much time and energy put into this community and my job here that the opportunity to continue in this new role means so much to me.”

Hahn said she learned from Whiteside through his law enforcement experience at the university and his time with the department. She believes Whiteside is a good candidate for the position and looks forward to working with him.

“It’s well deserved, he definitely needs to be in this position and I can see him growing and supporting the boss so I know this is going to be a well run organization,” Hahn said.