Florida A&M University introduces a new emergency alert system

Beginning Monday, Florida A&M University will roll out a new emergency alert system called FAMU ALERT a week before students return to campus.

FAMU will join Florida State University and Tallahassee Community College as all three campuses in the capital will share the same platform, Everbridge. This resource is provided by the Florida Legislature and the cost is borne by the state.

Everbridge has seen over 100 colleges and universities nationwide using its notification system, which is now used by over 2 million students.

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Everbridge app users can search for FAMU ALERT, which provides real-time information about emergency situations that could impact the university, such as: B. Bomb threats, gas leaks, chemical spills, significant traffic or parking problems, extreme weather warnings, and criminal activity on or near campus.

Everbridge app icon

Notifications are sent via text messages, automated calls and/or emails. Users can opt out of receiving any form of notifications, but will still be notified via their FAMU email in the event of an emergency.

FAMU ALERT will replace the FAMU Police Department’s existing university-related threat alert system. However, the Everbridge app will offer more unique features, said Ashley Davis, associate vice president and director of emergency management at FAMU.

Ashley Davis

“In the past there was an issue where text messages were being sent and weren’t (would be) clear and concise. What this does is it sends a text message and links to where it says the first two sentences, which are urgent, and then says, “Click here” for more info,” Davis said .

Another feature of FAMU ALERT will be its geofencing capability, where it can detect users’ locations on other campuses connected to the university.

For example, users of the app could be notified of an incident at the FAMU College of Law in Orlando.

According to Davis, the university will add a security connection feature to the app in September that will allow users to report suspicious activity they see by capturing it via a live camera feed and reporting it directly to campus police.

The app is not limited to students, faculty and staff. It is free to download for parents and the public.

“Thanks to our partnership with Everbridge and the Florida Division of Emergency Management, we are improving our ability to communicate effectively with students, faculty, staff and the ‘FAMUly’ during emergencies at Florida A&M University,” said Davis. “We strive to use the most reliable technology to prepare for emergencies that may impact our university.”

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To access Everbridge, visit and download the App Store on Apple devices or Google Play on Android devices. Next, search for FAMU ALERT and follow the instructions.

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