Gannon University announces its new President starting in 2023

The nearly six-month search for Gannon University‘s new president is over when they announce the university’s eighth president.

dr Walter Ivanenko Jr. will succeed Dr. Keith Taylor to become president of Gannon University. As a first-generation college student, he never thought that one day he would get this opportunity.

“A university education has presented me with this opportunity, and I want to ensure that we offer a similar opportunity to all of our current and future students who come to Gannon,” said Dr. Walter Ivanenko Jr., President-elect of Gannon University.

Looking ahead, Dr. Ivanenko hopes to continue working on the university’s strategic plan.

dr Ivanenko will continue in his role as Provost and Vice President for Student Experience until Dr. Taylor on June 30, 2023. dr Taylor advises Dr. Ivanenko to remember the mission of the university.

“You have to understand the mission of the university and work towards it. We are not here for ourselves, we are not here because we are the leader. We are here to ensure that the university and its mission are fulfilled,” said Dr. Keith Taylor, President of Gannon University.

dr Taylor now said the announcement had been made, a nationwide search to find Dr. Ivanenko’s position will begin.

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