How war and conflict are changing technologies in the world

War is the worst thing that can happen. There are no excuses, because the invading country brings only death and suffering to peaceful citizens. At the same time, war is an engine that generates new technological solutions and accelerates changes in social and economic life that could last for many years. In this article, we reveal post-war corporate technologies.

The impact of technology on our lives

Chronologically, global and IT business has been working remotely since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Teams and departments have moved online, processes in companies have been transformed, document management and hiring of new employees have become completely digital. Most companies have invested in technological tools to collaborate and communicate with employees.

Back then, 2021 was a year of secure online working. Compared to 2020, when people started just going remote, adapting to change and adjusting processes, in 2021 they are confidently working remotely. Today’s talent market is more open and accessible than ever, despite a global talent shortage, particularly in the technology industry. The number of vacancies that allow remote jobs has increased tremendously in the last year and a half. The number of available candidates has also increased. It became vital for a candidate to draw attention to him. The best way to do this is to fill out the right resume. There are numerous services to help you with custom writing services such as: writing judge. Hiring at new remote locations has been made possible through a fully digital hiring process. But what can we expect at the end of 2022?

What changes during the war conflicts

According to Russia attacked Ukraine, everything changed not only for Ukrainians, but for the whole world. There are many aspects that affect the everyday life of an ordinary person, ranging from the lack of exported goods to available jobs in the labor market. The consequences will be complex, and it is a topic for another article. Here we will discuss remote team collaboration and technical capabilities.

There is also a large number of refugees fleeing Russian aggression. Here you can check statistics the percentage of people and specific countries. This means that these people from different professional fields will be looking for a job. Therefore, technology will help candidates give them money and support their efforts.

What technologies are currently helping us work and stay alive?

The opportunity to work remotely is perfect for both freelance nomads and refugees. If there are no offline job opportunities or you are coming to a city with little infrastructure, this is a solution. Here a person learns to manage time and use various communication programs and tools. A McKinsey article states that skills for positions in the future. There is self-management and digitization. The first step is to pass the hiring process conducted online. Here a candidate can search for offers on various platforms and show their expertise. A candidate must be able to create a good CV and various cover letters for numerous online platforms. BestWritersOnline supports every customer in writing reviews. This is how you can customize your papers. In general, it is an upgrade of skills that will be in high demand in the future.

Then, the full decentralization of offices and the blurring of the workplace concept removed a significant portion of user devices from the enterprise space and made them more vulnerable. Information security has become an acute issue and changing environments are changing the way we approach it.

protection of the working environment

There is a responsibility to protect the working environment on the employer’s side. The trend towards the transition to the cloud, accelerated by the pandemic, sets high standards for modern security systems. They require both a high level of skill and ease of use by administrators and end users. To meet business needs, business owners integrate new products. They aim to cover connections and devices, have high-end analytics and anticipate attacks rather than reacting to malfunctions.

Safe remote workers

One of the few solutions that meet these requirements is Cisco’s Secure Remote Workforce suite. A leading manufacturer of network solutions has long recognized the need to develop software-driven network management and security products. And today they allow the creation of fairly large and flexible hybrid systems.

virus protection

The merging of work and life is leading to the gradual “domestication” of everything, including corporate devices. Remote workers often use work laptops for leisure and household chores. Devices are becoming “family property” because family members use them for entertainment, getting information, or just surfing the web. From a corporate network perspective, these users are suspicious.

One of the best solutions in this case is to replace basic antivirus protection with a comprehensive user and endpoint protection platform. Secure Endpoint (renamed AMP for Endpoints) allows you to significantly increase network security thanks to 15 modules that are part of it. WAN network analysis, built-in scripting sandbox, continuous monitoring of the behavior of every file on the corporate network, file-free virus detection, built-in Cisco Secure X security management and more.

convenience of workers

Another interesting consequence of the mass shift to remote work is the use of consumer technology experiences to maintain productivity. Businesses are interested in engaging remote workers and keeping them productive. It is important to ensure their comfort and high level of satisfaction with services and applications.

Constant updates, endless notifications from services, the need to think up new passwords every month, and switching attention between desktop and mobile interfaces can be both annoying and exhausting. Annoyed employees not only work worse, but also tend to neglect safety. Therefore, they create a simple password for all accounts or ignore warnings from security systems. The logical solution is to replace many procedures with one.

Business email services

Enterprise e-mail services integrated into cloud environments meet current business requirements for flexibility, speed and availability. But, as practice shows, these services still have many vulnerabilities. At the same time, Mail will remain one of the most popular hacking tools for a long time to come. Combined with the security perimeter spread across many remote employees, this becomes a serious threat to the corporate network. Cloud Mailbox Defense is an additional, very easy to implement security solution for integration with cloud email services that covers known vulnerabilities. Advanced URL analysis helps you weed out emails with risky links or block access from recently infected websites by analyzing URLs in real time. This provides one of the highest levels of protection against phishing and compromised business emails (BEC).

Here we have considered the list of technological solutions in wartime. Still, no one has to pay such a high price for development.

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