How young Aussies earn money with side gigs

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We love a sticky beak. Especially when it comes to money. It’s so tricky to talk about that it’s either avoided altogether, immediately staged by slightly less controversy, or danced around in loose-goose terms. Which only makes us want the gossip even more. We keep our own money so full of ~secrets~ that we’re absolutely parched by everyone else’s actions.

But we shouldn’t keep money in the dark. We need to learn our own money stories and habits in order to get a handle on them and continue to take steps towards a positive future. Which is basically a nice way of saying that we’re going to be extra curious about you.

We asked a bunch of young Aussies to admit how they make their sweet, sweet money. Which is all the more intriguing after the merry-go-round of madness we’ve found ourselves in for the past two years. Are young Aussies working full-time after the pandemic? Did they record a wild side act? We figured it all out.

We polled our audience and Money by Afterpay’s to get a snapshot of the big picture. Cop a load of this:

  • Full-time work is currently your main source of moolah (62%).
  • 13% of you work part-time
  • 14% of them work part-time
  • 11% are currently unemployed
  • 56% of you did something on the side to make money

If that huge bunch of young Aussies jumping on the side gig bandwagon got you on board too, fair enough. We love being part of the majority, hey.

If you’re trying to balance work with a part-time job, you need to keep an eye on everything that’s going in and out. An extra stream of income means you need to be extra diligent. With additional side jobs post-pandemic, the Australian Revenue Commissioner has warned they will be on the lookout for undeclared second income. Keep everything under control to avoid trouble. With an app like e.g. B. an overview of the incoming and outgoing payments of your accounts Money via Afterpay.

So if you’re also looking to increase your funds a bit but aren’t sure where in the world to start, check out what some of your peers are doing below.

Lean on these digital skills

If I had a buck for every time I had to (not so) patiently explain the difference between a tab and a window on her computer with my mum, my god I could’ve spent a bloody weekend in regional NSW right now.

But seriously, as a digital first generation, many things come more naturally to us than we think. Of course, you’ll need to be a little more advanced than Tabs vs. Windows, but you might have the right Digi skills under your belt to make some extra money.

in one Report 2021 into the sideline economy, proofreading and editing, 3D and 2D modeling, animation, web design, SEO (search engine optimization) services, video editing, social media promotion and blog post services all cracked the top ten earnings for Side jobs Australia. Money speaks, my friends. And it screams in the digital world.

More generally, we bet your digital skills could come in handy for something as simple as an airtasker request from an oldie in need of a little computer help. And you’d probably make the sweet old bird tag while you’re at it.

Digital training

Add a few extra skills to your arsenal

As a digital native who knows the difference between a Google search and a Facebook status, you are already one step ahead of many, many people. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn a thing or two. There are countless websites offering courses that will help you maximize your digital knowledge. From coding to editing, some will even give you the qualifications you need to get a full-time tech job if you’re bored with your current 9-5.

In 2022, the big retirement is a very real thing. People are reassessing their values ​​and what employment means to them. As many workplaces transition to flexible working from home, flexibility has become a bargaining chip that many companies cannot afford. Instead of returning to stuffy offices, Gen Z is finding new ways like virtual assistants.

Passionate Projects

Our surveys revealed the tremendous variety of creative projects that young Aussies have pursued to earn some extra money. From handmade embroidery to photography, you guys are one hell of a talented bunch.

And it’s also common. Loud more research Taken in 2021, flexibility (52%) and the desire to turn passion into profit by monetizing skills or hobbies (33%) influence Gen Z career choices.

So if you’ve been dabbling in ceramics for fun lately, keep up the good work because you might eventually start charging for these bad guys.

monetize hobbies

Getting started with investing

If it feels like you’re all babbling about investing now, that’s fucking over. research shows that more than one in three Australians invest in the stock market, with Millennials (46%) and Gen Z (42%) the most likely to do so.

Millenials_GenZ invest illustrationWith a stack of easy-to-invest digital apps on the market today and low-cost entry into the market, it’s no wonder young Australians are throwing their dollars in the ring. In short, when you invest in stocks, you’re putting your money on the odds of compound interest, which causes the value of your investment to grow, or earn interest, over time. If you play the long game and set aside a little nest egg for your sexy future self, you’ll look forward to a small reward.

invest illustration

Sell ​​stuff online

in the a recent report While the Aussies surveyed either already had a side gig or were planning to start one, 37% of them chose to sell stuff online. Whether it’s finding a new home for clothes on Depop or renovating old furniture then selling it for a pretty penny on Facebook Marketplace, it’s worth a look.

Selling things illustration

Feels good to get a glimpse of how others are doing it, eh? If you’re getting into the side gig game, try one of the sizes above. In any case, talk to your buddies about money – it helps us all!

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