HT Brunch Game Show: Whose Pandemic Passion Will Last?

Moksha Hegde, 31,


Blogging has now become Moksha’s safe space

What’s your Pandemic passion?

To blog. I tried it for the first time in B-School in 2015 but couldn’t give it time due to work.

How did you track it?

I was stuck at home during lockdown and needed an outlet for my thoughts, fears and feelings. I started blogging a few times a week and then every day.

What encouraged you?

I made money from my blog for the first time.

how did it help you spiritual

It became my safe space.

Has the opening of things caught your attention?

From three hours a day I now get 30 to 45 minutes a day for it.

Do you think you will continue to pursue this passion?

Yes. It’s more than a hobby. I’ve also made friends from the blogging community.

Rohan Vasishtha, 26,

Songwriter, Music Producer, DJ and mix engineer

For Rohan, baking is like meditation

What’s your Pandemic passion?

Bake. I first started baking with mixes in 2017 but soon gave up. During lockdown I tried to make my own mix from scratch.

How did you pursue?

The first time was a success so I tried new recipes and baked at least 4 times a week.

What encouraged you?

It helped distract me. It seemed like an escape for me.

How has it helped you mentally?

For me, baking is like meditation. And at the end there is a great reward.

Has the opening of things caught your attention?

No. I bake every day now.

Do you think you will continue to pursue this passion?

It’s already part of my daily routine.

Iknoor Kaur, 27,

Brand and communication strategist

Iknoor plans to spend one weekend a month painting

What’s your Pandemic passion?

Image. I used to paint at school, but afterwards there was neither time nor space for it.

How did you track it?

When I moved into my own apartment during the pandemic, close friends gave me an easel and I started painting.

What encouraged you?

Its creative energy and how satisfying it is. And the fact that I had my own place for it.

How has it helped you mentally?

When I paint, I put my phone away for hours. It’s therapeutic.

Has the opening of things caught your attention?

It’s not every day, but I paint one weekend a month.

Do you think you will continue to pursue this passion?

Yes. It’s the best I’ve gotten out of the pandemic.

And the winner is…Iknoor Kaur

“Don’t pressure yourself to monetize”

“Iknoor goes into her zone and drifts, which is inspiring but still handy given how often she can paint. If she orchestrates her schedule around that one weekend a month, the energy she gains will last for weeks,” says Ankur Warikoo.

“Moksha should set up a newsletter. She will get feedback and brands will monetize her blog. Rohan could upload pictures of what he baked,” he adds.

How to pursue your hobbies despite a busy schedule

•Don’t pressure yourself to monetize. •Make sure you have feedback. • Learn from the best.

Turn your hobby into a job

•Build a community.•Monetize mentions of brands based on your passion. •Sell a service. For example, Moksha may offer content writing services. • “Promote” different things. Suppose you have an Android phone.

Associate with brands for affiliate earnings.

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From HT Brunch, March 13, 2022

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