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Moving to another country is not an easy task, let alone one where people mostly speak a language you don’t understand. Gina Christopher’s journey took her from her home country in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Ghana and finally to the USA to study at the University of Nebraska in Omaha.

Christopher graduated from the UN in 2018 with a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Before that, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in General Studies with a focus on psychology.

Initially, however, Christopher wanted to work in nursing, take nursing preparation courses, and work at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) for more than a decade. After complications arose, she struggled to continue her nursing degree.

“To be honest, counseling wasn’t the first thing that crossed my mind because I was always thinking about medical school, at least the health system. So I decided to pray about it. It was more like, ‘God, what’s my way? So what should I do? I like going to school. I like to study, but I don’t know what to do in America. ‘”

Her plans changed from finding a future in nursing and instead focused on counseling. She came to the UN to complete her Bachelor and Master degrees. As a native French speaker, she was concerned about her ability to speak English, especially during her graduate school admission interview.

“I have with all of these people in the room with ‘Ph.D.’ spoken. by their names and I was trembling. I sweated after the interview, ”she said. “I asked [former chair] Dr. Kissinger said at the time: “Sir, I feel terrible about this interview. Do I even have a chance with my accent and my level of English? ‘ and he said, ‘You are the kind of person we need in counseling.’ I just felt a sense of relief. “

She found her studies challenging. However, she also found that the instructors in her counseling program were not only accommodating but also fully supportive when she needed help. “I would tell everyone, whether you are from here or from another country and are afraid of high school or college, do not be ashamed of your fears or fears. You have to own it, ”she said.

Christopher now works as a therapist with Lutheran Family Services, a non-profit organization, and practices privately on the side. She has certificates in adoption therapy and dialectical behavior therapy as well as training in trauma-focused cognitive behavior therapy.

“Through the [graduate counseling] Program here has really helped me, I say, recognize or recognize myself and my worth and worth as a woman. As an individual, I am human, female or male … All of that was born here by going through the program. “

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