In the fight for cleaner air, Airly is hiring new leaders ahead of expansion in the UK and Europe


Jonathan Gartside, formerly Chief Experience Officer at the British energy supplier Bulb, is moving to Krakow and Palo Alto Airly, Inc as Chief Operating Officer. Rishi Stocker, who scaled the UK challenger Revolut in the UK banking sector globally, has been named Commercial Advisor.

Jonathan Gartside has worked in the energy sector for over 10 years. He began his career as a consultant with BCG in 2009, including a secondment to Gazprom Marketing & Trading. He joined Bulb in 2016 as Chief Experience Officer before heading its international expansion.

Upon his appointment to COO at Airly, Jonathan Gartside commented:

“I believe Airly will play a critical role in addressing the air quality public health crisis. I am excited to join the team as they expand their operations in the UK and beyond. We anticipate that we will be building a London-based trading team of 35 mission-driven people who are committed to growing this company 10x over the next 2 years.

One of my first priorities will be to appoint a UK sales director to help build relationships with national and local governments, businesses and communities to help them in their struggle for clean air. ”

As Head of Partnerships, Rishi Stocker has helped shape the success of the FinTech game changer Revolut for the past four years.

In becoming Commercial advisor to Airly, Rishi Stocker said:

“I look forward to bringing the spirit and culture of Revolut to Airly. Air pollution kills millions of people every year, but Airly has already had a phenomenal impact on this critical problem. I’m excited to help this talented team scale their technology around the world and fix the air for more communities.

Rishi Stocker and Jonathan Gartside (LR) expand Airly operations in the UK / Europe.

These appointments follow recent funding rounds in which Airly has raised a total of $ 5.3 million in VC funding. Among the investors in two seed rounds led by London-based Giant Ventures and firstminute capital were the co-founders of Uber, Bolt and the family office of Virgin founder Richard Banson. The funds will be used to build teams in the company’s key global markets, namely the UK, Scandinavia and Romania.

“These appointments signal our intention to expand rapidly and impact people’s lives. With the support of businesses, local communities and governments, we can really improve the health outcomes of millions of people, ”says Wiktor Warchałowski, CEO and co-founder of Airly.

Established in 2016, Airly provides ultra-local, accurate and predictive air quality data to help tackle air pollution around the world. Airly customers include environmentally conscious individuals, corporations and over 600 local governments and cities including Hong Kong, Jakarta, Oslo, Granada, as well as companies such as Philips, Virgin, Innogy, PwC, Veolia and Skanska.

With 62% of the world’s governments not sharing real-time air quality data, Airly provides accurate, ultra-local forecast data for governments, media and businesses to tackle the air pollution problem head on.

Airly’s platform acts as a street-level and real-time pollution warning system with greater accuracy and at a lower cost for cities and businesses.

“As public and political awareness of the air quality crisis reaches a tipping point – from the California fires to the groundbreaking cause of death in London – air quality data becomes an important asset for consumers, businesses and policymakers,” says Wiktor. “Our technology is affordable and 95% accurate. We have the potential to become the only source of truth on air quality worldwide. “

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