Is it too late to apologize now? That’s why Justin Bieber was banned from Ferrari

Justin Bieber has drawn the wrath of famous Italian automaker Ferrari. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

Justin Bieber joins the list of celebrities banned from owning limited edition Ferraris.

Ferrari has been known to ban big-name owners from selling their cars within a year of purchase to prevent them from making a quick buck simply by being listed as previous owners.

Now the Lonely singer has joined other celebs who are no longer sold limited edition Ferraris or exclusive models you can only buy production models.

The Canadian pop star, who has an impressive car collection, is a big fan of the Italian brand, having owned a Ferrari 458 Italia and a Ferrari LaFerrari.

Justin bought the white Ferrari 458 Italia in August 2016, priced from R3.8 million.

He customized the supercar, turning its exterior electric blue and the interior all black with black and white leather seats.

Then, a few months later, he lost the car.

Justin had reportedly driven his blue Ferrari to the Montage Hotel to meet up with his friends before heading to the club, but after his night out he couldn’t remember where he parked his car.

It took his assistants three weeks to finally find him.

Eventually he sold the car at auction in 2017 but he ran into trouble with Ferrari. The company doesn’t like it when car owners sell their cars within a year of purchase or make unauthorized modifications without consulting them.

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Italian newspaper Il Giornale reported that Justin’s “neglect” was enough to snuff him out for life from buying special-edition Ferraris.

The Italian automaker said: “Ferrari reserves the right to decide on special editions.”

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The pop star can still use his Lamborghini. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

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Other stars who have run afoul of Ferrari include:

  • Rapper Tyga, who frequently leased cars but allegedly failed to pay his monthly installments to Ferrari and was sued by the company.
  • Legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. reportedly bought a Ferrari to show off before selling it a few months later. Ferrari reportedly frowns on owners who buy cars just to show off.
  • Kim Kardashian’s alleged transgression with Ferrari hasn’t been widely publicized. She was last seen driving a brand new Ferrari in 2012, but it’s unknown if it belonged to her or her ex-husband Kanye West. The businesswoman is known for customizing her cars and recently revealed that she has had her Lamborghini, Rolls Royce and Maybach all painted the same ghost gray as her home.
  • Nicolas Cage had an extensive car collection including a Ferrari Enzo valued at R15.8 million. By 2009 he was broke and had to sell his real estate and cars or face bankruptcy. All of his prized Ferraris were auctioned off, which the brand was not happy about, and they reportedly banned him from buying Ferraris for life as he had harmed their brand.
  • When rapper 50 Cent’s Ferrari 488 wouldn’t start due to a dead battery, he took to Instagram to express his displeasure with the Italian brand, writing “F***ing Lemon,” which, predictably, didn’t go over well with Ferrari.

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