Junction City High School Senior publishes four books before graduation



JUNCTION CITY, Kan. (WIBW) – Brysen Taylor, a graduate of Junction City High School, is already a published author.

Geary County Schools $ 475, says Brysen Taylor, senior of Junction City High School, has a passion for writing that began in his early years when he was finishing his first short story in kindergarten.

Taylor continued to develop his writing skills and began writing his first full-fledged book in fifth grade. The process of getting a book out took years for him, but in 2019, finishing second in high school, he finally saw his name on the cover of Dark Hearts 1: Dead Light.

“It’s kind of wild because all the time I just write it and write it and write it and I never thought I’d see my name anywhere other than in the actual book I typed,” Taylor said. “I think someday I’ll just wake up and it’ll be my second year again and I’m writing this, preparing for release and I’m just like, ‘Wait, was that a whole vision right? like a dream or something like that, or did I live in a fantasy world that I created? ‘”

Since its first publication, Taylor has published four more books, each one delving into the world of murder, mystery, thrill, crime, and the supernatural. He has “The Reoccurring”, “The Broken Kingdom Book 1: The Scorching Desert”, “My Dark Tragedies Book 1: Haunted Past”, and his latest book – a sequel to his first – “Dark Hearts 2: Rising Demons”.

Junction City High School student Brysen Taylor shows off his published books.(Geary Co. Schools)

USD 475 said JCHS ‘unique academic structure within four career academics – Freshman Success Academy; Economy, public service and hospitality; Science, engineering and health; Visual Arts and Human Services – Helped Taylor focus much of his time on his passion for writing.

“It’s so focused on one thing. Let’s say the academies didn’t exist and they were all random classes. I don’t think we’d be that organized because then I wouldn’t be able to get all of my thoughts in line and say, ‘I can do this every day,’ ”said Taylor.

Overall, Taylor hopes his success will motivate others who may consider taking that leap of faith.

“Keep it up because after all, if you don’t take a stand by writing your own books or doing whatever you want to do in life, if you don’t do it, it won’t happen,” Taylor said.

Taylor said he was nowhere near the last chapter of his writing career.

Taylor’s books are available for purchase HERE.

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