Loyola University Maryland Named Forbes List of Top Colleges – Newsroom

| By Andrew Aldrich

Loyola University Maryland was named America’s Top Colleges in 2021 by Forbes. Loyola was ranked 210th on the list of 600 colleges that preferred affordability and low-income student opportunities this year. Loyola also ranked 109th on the list of private universities and 84th on the list of universities in the Northeast.

“We are honored to be named one of the top colleges by Forbes, especially because of the deliberate improvement in financial aid for our students. Our financial assistance team is committed to helping students with the application process and approximately 98% of our students receive some form of assistance, ”said Eric Nichols, vice president of enrollment management. “This recognition shows the value of our Jesuit liberal arts education and our commitment to making it affordable for students and their families.”

For this ranking Forbes examined the accessibility of colleges to students who cannot afford high tuition fees and the number of disadvantaged students accepted. Forbes’ list accounts for data on student outcomes, such as salary and the number of years it takes to pay off college debt. It also takes into account retention and the number of years it will take to complete.

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