May 28 Better weather for Memorial Day weekend, then a heat wave

May 28, 2022

Report Saturday morning

While we are still under the cycle of this ancient storm, most of the energy moved through last night and is offshore. The result will keep temperatures slightly chilly and add some clouds, but the showers and storms will be isolated in the afternoon and evening.

The weather continues to improve, warming up on Sunday and Memorial Day Monday. Then next week we prepare the conditions for a heat wave.

Satellite loop: 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m

Set up tomorrow

surface weather

The original low pressure with this circulation has yet to be considered. The cooler air at altitude leads to self-destructive sunshine. That means the sun will warm the ground, which will help create more clouds today…and a few isolated thunderstorms later.

Radar simulation 12:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m

Just a guide – not perfect.

Most of the energy will be north of I-70, with a better chance of a thunderstorm in the mountains and through southern PA after 4 p.m

May 28 weather Saturday radar rain




Pollen reports – morning numbers are ready

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TODAY May 28th

Normal low in Baltimore: 56ºF

Record 38ºF in 1961

Normal high in Baltimore: 77ºF

Record 97ºF 1941




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Outlook: jet stream through Wednesday

Building Ridge in eastern US means heatwaves.

28 may weather memorial day heatwave

7 day forecast

Another heatwave, which is expected to reach the 90s for most of next week, then breaks out with storms on Thursday. Friday (it should be cooler by this time.

Please note that as summer approaches, weather systems may slow down and cause changes to be delayed.

Current storm reports

May 22 Hail and wind damage

May 16 Large hail videos and storm tracking map

In case you missed it..

NOAA 2022 hurricane forecast – back above normal

The tropical season starts on June 1st

Atlantic Hurricane Forecast

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