My first call for snowfall Sunday February 13th

February 11, 2022

Update on Friday afternoon

This isn’t an easy post when it’s sunny and temperatures are in the 60’s, but I have to address Sunday’s snow. After all, it’s been talked about all week, and we’ll be in for an abrupt return to winter.

When we have these winter warm-ups before a snow event, it’s very handy to consider if the ground can just melt the snow when it arrives. That’s a consideration worth applying here. But we will also get snow overnight from Saturday to Sunday morning when the temperature drops. So we have the optimal counterforce to get a sticking.

Let’s look at temperatures first, then a model snow animation, followed by my first call for snowfall.

Temperatures 1 p.m. Friday afternoon

This warm afternoon and warm day tomorrow will complicate bonding. But as many of us remember, in our region we can easily flick the switch from here to snow.

Temperature forecast animation

2 p.m. Saturday until Sunday 7 p.m

Saturday high temperatures will be in the mid 50’s then watch the drop into Sunday. I know the images scroll quickly, so check out the snaps below.

February 11 weather temperature frost forecast

Temperature Snapshots

Sunday midnight – 00:00

The freeze line is approaching the north/west suburbs of Baltimore.

Sunday morning – 7 a.m

The Frost Line advanced south of Annapolis and Easton. It will take time for the ground to cool, but snow will fall to help. Depending on the snowfall before 8:00 a.m., there is then the possibility of overcoming the warmer ground before the position of the sun becomes too high (after 8:00 a.m.).

Sunday noon – 12 p.m

Sunday evening – 7 p.m

simulation timeline animation

NAM 3 km

I switched to this higher resolution short range model which works best within 48 hours. It was also the model that correctly labeled recent ice events (and delayed cooling).

Saturday 10pm to Sunday 7pm

As a result, the initial snow develops earlier or just before it falls. But with the temperatures dropping, I wouldn’t consider any impact until well past midnight.

February 11 Weather Snow Radar Super Bowl Sunday

Note: I will have an hourly timeline slider in my next report.

how much snow My first call

Please note this is for what can be measured.

  • What actually lies and remains on the pavement is probably a little less for you to shovel or plow.
  • The greatest effect should occur in the morning.
  • Snow stays longer into the afternoon on Delmarva, but the warmer ground will play a bigger role there as it may become stuck.

What do you say?

I love (and hate) this line. But I decided to adopt it to use for the other models and the National Weather Service. I’ll collect what I can and include it in my next report.


This is NOT a big event but it will be a dramatic change from today’s warm day. The biggest impact should be on Sunday morning. The NAM later lets the snow linger on Delmarva into the afternoon, but their bottom should be warmer and rather wet roads…

However, the falling temperatures allow for a chance of icing in the evening. We can address that as we get closer.

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