NBA DFS Prop Picks for PrizePicks: Sunday, March 6th

With a table of nine games, options are not a problem. However, there are only two games to choose from on Sunday morning, Suns @ Bucks and Knicks @ Clippers. When New York and Los Angeles played in January, the main options for each team took over and were the few options to find space on defense. It made for a low-scoring game, but anyone who is able to create their own shot still has advantages. For the Suns, who easily defeated Milwaukee in early February, there will be neither Chris Paul to add another 19 assists nor Devin Booker to fall back on, meaning both Giannis Antetokounmpo and Deandre Ayton will start this game from the start to command. outward.

Update: Having just proofread this, PrizePicks added the Nets @ Celtics and with Kevin Durant at just 26.5 points, add that to the pot and make sure that’s your main ingredient for today’s bet.

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PrizePicks has two types of games. The first type of game is known as a Fantasy Score, which involves selecting different players and trying to determine if they exceed or fall short of their projected fantasy scores in a game. The second game is known as Single Stat. For the NBA, individual stats consist of points, rebounds, assists, three-pointers, and free throws, which determine whether the player in question will be over or under their predicted total. You can mix and match players from each game type in your listing or select all your games from the same game type. Once you’ve chosen your players and props, you can choose the Flexplay or Powerplay option above. Today we’re going to be looking at some individual stat results for tonight, March 1st.

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Individual Statistics NBA Totals

Editor’s note: Prize pick prop totals are not always available first thing in the morning, so check back throughout the day as other props may be added throughout the day.

Jae Crowder OVER 19.5 points + rebounds + assists – Despite being your favorite roleplayer’s favorite Jae Crowder, he manages to level up when no one else seems able to. Crowder has been in double digits in his last five games and fills out the rest of the stat sheet like he did before that shot on goal. Not being Booker and Paul lowers the cap significantly for the Suns, but Crowder’s stats are up, and that’s what matters here. Giannis Antetokounmpo could control this game from start to finish but the Suns will have their say with Cam Johnson and Jae Crowder shooting the leather off the ball.

Giannis Antetokounmpo OVER 12.5 rebounds – Rebounds are easily the most unpredictable stat in basketball, but when someone grabs the boards as aggressively and frequently as Antetokuonmpo, there’s reason to see why it can be so enticing. Giannis has grabbed at least 14 rebounds in his last four games, and with the pace of this game likely favoring the Bucks’ high-speed playstyle, rebounds should overflow this afternoon and Antetokounmpo should continue his rebound streak.

Julius Randle OVER 21.5 points – When Julius Randle is efficient, there are few players on the pitch who can outperform him. Much of this can be attributed to how well he uses his physical size, but there’s no doubt that when his post-fade hits there’s not much the defense can do about it other than sit back and watch. Randle finished with 24 points on 18 shots in just three quarters against the Suns on Friday, but his sacking cost the Knicks the game and added another loss to their streak. There’s rebound potential against the Clippers, although it’s doubtful the Knicks will end their losing streak at seven.

Other Recommendations – Evan Fournier OVER 20.5 Points + Rebounds + Assists, Alec Burks OVER 1.5 Three’s Made, Jae Crowder OVER 11.5 Points, Khris Middleton OVER 4.5 Assists

Overall recommendation for this game: POWER PLAY

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