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A culture’s response to a crisis on the order of Covid-19 or racial relations is both immediate and sustainable.

Having advised thousands of people on legal, practical and spiritual matters, Mr. Unis is better equipped than most to deal with the human mind and psyche. “

– Jerry Unis

PITTSBURG, CA, USA, September 29, 2021 / – Jerry Unis’ New American Culture Race, published by BookBaby, offers a concise analysis of the framework conditions of American society and its cultural development under the threat of Covid 19. The book described by the author as a treatise is a product of the need to self deal with common sense issues neglected by current political hegemony. What universities convey in the book is that American culture is growing, learning, and changing.

Jerry Unis has been a lawyer for over 30 years and lives in Orange County, California. After advising thousands of people on legal, practical and spiritual matters, Mr. Unis is better equipped than most to deal with the human mind and psyche. This has given the author the insight necessary to complete the book.

The book begins by paraphrasing the author of EB White’s treatise on Cultural anthropology from the 1950s that we are no longer in control of our physical evolution; Technology is not a product of our culture, but the driving force behind our evolution as a species. Unis argues that our current biological development is unable to keep up with lightning-fast technological developments. This inability created a vacuum and the author claims that this phenomenon is possibly causing the intellectual division in the US. The author suggests that we need something to hold onto; a means of making sense of things and filling in the void. Unis writes: “The premise that a superior intellectual philosophy can fill this void is useful and realistic. However, we need to break down our prejudices against these philosophies and begin to realistically analyze them again. The answers are available. We just have to have trust and persevere. “

These were just the first few pages of Jerry Unis’ New American Culture Race. Discover the rest of his insightful and timely ideas by buying his book on Amazon.

New American culture race
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