Northern Michigan University students support TV6 Canathon

MARQUETTE, Michigan (WLUC) – For more TV6 Canathon news, let’s take a look at efforts on the Northern Michigan University campus with Marquette Ending Hunger.

A club on the NMU campus has been a partner of the TV6 Canathon for several years. This club is Marquette Ending Hunger. The group is committed to educating and giving back, as club president Hannah Smith explains. “Our current goal is to educate people in the Marquette Ward about food insecurity and raise funds to help local food supplies and local homeless shelters and simply all those in need,” says Smith.

As the Covid-19 pandemic hampered in-person events efforts, the club is looking to the future. Smith covered the recent and upcoming events to raise awareness about homelessness. “But we’ve organized events, we’ve just put on a trivia night where all the money went to the NMU food chamber, we’re taking part in the TV6 canathon, and we’re also going to have a guest panelist from local professionals and experts on food insecurity at Marquette, ”she says.

The quiz night raised more than two hundred dollars for the pantry, according to Smith. Your commitment and the TV6 Canathon help to help those in need. Pantry consultant Haley Rhoades explains the need for students on campus as well. “We have students who don’t go home who are traditionally dormitories and maybe preparing their first Thanksgiving dinner in the dormitories, so we’re working with them to provide meals that are easy to prepare,” explains Rhoades.

However, Rhoades stresses that TV6 Canathon’s food and cash donations keep the pantry stocked. In-person and online donations run until December 3rd. Non perishable foods are accepted.

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