Palm returns to the stage with new Palm Buds Pro TWS earphones


If the name Palm sounds unfamiliar to you, it is likely because you are too young. Long before the advent of Blackberry, iOS and Android, Palm was long considered the brand that ushered in the smartphone age with its own range of Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). Now, two years after introducing its self-titled Palm phone, the company is picking up again with the introduction of its own True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds.

They are called the Palm Buds Pro and if we’re honest they are the most common earbuds we’ve ever seen. On its landing page, Palm advertises its earphones with studio sound and is even equipped with active noise cancellation (ANC), both for audio transmission and for all six built-in microphones.

In terms of specs, the Palm Buds Pro come with dynamic 10mm drivers that are reportedly leaning heavily on the bass side. In addition, the earbuds are also IPX4 water and sweat resistant, while the battery life with the ANC turned on is around 5.5 hours of continuous listening on a single charge. while the case contains enough power to allow “over 24 hours” total playback.

One key point that Palm absolutely seems to be pointing out is the price of the Palm Buds Pro: the earbuds are currently available for pre-order through Nov. 9 for $ 99 (~ 410 RM) $ 129 (~ 535 RM). At the time of writing, there is still no information on local availability and pricing.

It should be noted that the writer of The Verge also found a pair of earbuds that look identical to the Palm Buds Pro without the Palm logo on the case. The brand itself also goes by a different name, Hengyuan, although at this point it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Palm doesn’t shy away from using an OEM reference design but rather tweaking its earbuds to stand out a little from them the amount.

(Source: Palm, The Verge)

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