Penn State Hillel has candlelight events throughout Hanukkah

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pennsylvania – Penn State Hillel is hosting candlelight events for each Hanukkah night this year in different locations on the University Park campus.

Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights, commemorates the liberation and rededication of the old temple in Jerusalem, said Aaron Kaufman, executive director of Penn State Hillel. In modern times, vacation is becoming the focus of the family and community.

Hanukkah is celebrated from Sunday, November 28th to Monday, December 6th this year. Each candle is lit at 5 p.m., with gel (chocolate) and sufganiyot (donuts) being offered every evening.

  • Sunday November 28th at the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center
  • Monday, November 29th, on the Alte Mainwiese
  • Tuesday, November 30th, in room 107 HUB-Robeson Center
  • Wednesday December 1st in front of the Pattee Library
  • Thursday, December 2nd, in the courtyard of the music house
  • Friday December 3rd at the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center
  • Saturday, December 4th, in the Hintz Alumni Center duckpond
  • Sunday December 5th at Beaver Stadium, Gate B

“The idea of ​​shedding light in dark places is poignant, especially these days with the worrying rise in anti-Semitism at the national level,” said Kaufman. “Penn State has one of the largest Jewish student communities in the country, and Hillel is here to help every Jewish student find meaningful ways to connect with their Jewish identity.”

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