Register now for Open Entry, Short-Term Classes

If you haven’t heard, Western Nevada College doesn’t require you to start the semester when it officially begins.
Open entry (self-study), short-term and late-start courses offer students many options and modalities to receive their tuition long after the semester begins in late January.
Self-paced courses are available in Applied Industrial Engineering, Aeronautics, Biology, Business and Management, Humanities, Civil Engineering, Education (Nevada School Law), English (Essays I and II and Introduction to Creative Writing), Environmental Studies, Finance, Business Informatics, Computer Applications, Mathematics ( Basics of university mathematics, university algebra and precalculus), business administration, music (music understanding and recording techniques), philosophy (introduction to ethics) and psychology (general psychology). These classes have more flexible registration deadlines until the end of the semester (May 21) and a self-paced structure for completing courses and assignments during the semester. Registration deadline for these courses is April 1st.
Short term and late start courses begin March 28 to accommodate an individual’s busy work and family schedule. Some of these courses have already reached their registration capacity, so register as soon as possible. The following courses can be taken online:
• Applied industrial technology projects (AIT 200)
• American Sign Language II (AM 146) and IV (AM 148)
• American Sign Language Fingerwriting II (AM 152)
• IT project management (CIT 263)
• Career choice and change (CPD 123)
• Principles of guiding children (ECE 204)
• Human Development Lifespan (HDFS 201)
• Examination of US Constitutional History (HIST 111)
• Change management (MGT 412)
• Changing environments (MGT 462)
• Business plan creation (MGT 497)
• Nevada Constitution (PSC 100)
For a complete list of classes and course descriptions, see To schedule an appointment with the consulting services, call 775-445-3267 or email [email protected].
Students new to WNC can apply for admission and attend to other pre-registration requirements at For more information, call 775-445-3277.

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