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One March morning my left elbow hurt. It was difficult to put on my shirt or drive my car around the block of flats. Eventually, my pain became so unbearable that I was referred to an orthopedist.

At the front desk of the doctor’s office, my elbow hurt so much that I couldn’t even fill out the forms on an iPad. Luckily one of the administrative assistants was available to help me.

After X-rays were taken, the doctor came into the room. I have known this doctor for many years because he and my father are friends. He asked, “Robyn, how did you hurt your elbow? I want to hear the whole story; don’t leave out any details.”

My response was, “Sir, it probably hurts because I used it to move furniture as part of my antique/vintage furniture and collectibles business.”

After the doctor’s appointment, my elbow pain continued. After six weeks of follow-up visits to the doctor, he finally performed surgery on my elbow. The operation took place at a nearby hospital.

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I will never forget the doctor’s advice: “Robyn, be the head of the business. Let other people move the furniture.”

And that’s exactly what I did.

Although accounting was still a priority, I focused more on purchasing and marketing smaller items. I had my friend Todd and his mate move everything from trolley tables to giant vintage china cabinets.

Physical therapy followed the operation. My elbow is no longer a threat to me. It hurt less and with new marketing strategies my sales started to increase!

Today I own the business, but on a smaller scale. I also focus on writing. Therefore, I am enthusiastic when someone asks me to help them with writing an essay or preparing and attending lectures in various clubs and organizations.

I believed that the surgeon could help my elbow pain stop. In addition, the surgeon believed in my intellect, my ambition, and my potential for success.

Robyn writes about everyday people who touch her in unique ways. You can contact Robyn at [email protected].

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