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A student completes their homework before bed.

He has a math problem that he doesn’t understand.

There is no one around to ask – or anyone who can help with this particular problem.

And math comes first in the morning.

It’s not too late to get help.

The Warren County School District has selected BrainFuse to provide online tutoring services.

“That is around the clock” said Eric Mineweaser, district director for curriculum, instruction and assessment. “You can go on in the morning, at night, on the weekend.”

Students log into their accounts through ClassLink or the district website – – by clicking on BrainFuse under the “For Students” tab and logging in with their usual information.

After signing up, students can choose from hundreds of options that provide flash cards, samples, videos, and other sources.

“The two that you will use most often are Live Help and Writing Lab.” Mine weaser said.

In the live help, students can select a topic and chat with a tutor. You can upload a picture of the question. You can write or draw the problem. As an example, Mineweaser pulled in a coordinate plane – Live Help had this available as a standard element – and asked for help finding the slope of a line.

The tutor instructed him to know two points on the given line and guided him through each step of the problem.

“They won’t just take care of the problem for you” Mine weaser said.

Students can plan private study spaces and collaborate in the system, he said.

In the Writing Lab you can submit a work” he said. “They ask you a few questions, then you upload. They will contact you within 24 hours. “

There are options for academic essay, college admission essay, and others.

The questions tell the tutor where to look in particular – introduction, thesis, grammar and conclusion are some of the possible areas – and assess the work. “They give you all kinds of feedback” Mine weaser said.

In the Skill Surfer section, students can find practice tests, sample assignments, videos, flash cards and many other tools.

BrainFuse provides a recording of every session – including live help – so that students can refer to it when needed.

The district has registered for 1,000 hours of BrainFuse tuition. Live Help is measured directly. If a student queues for three minutes, those three minutes count towards the district time. A writing laboratory inquiry counts as 35 minutes regardless of the task. Skill Surfer does not count towards the time bank at all.

Mineweaser receives feedback from BrainFuse about the number of users, when they are online and in which classes the users are.

While the district has a contract for the first 1,000 hours, the administrators aren’t hoping to keep a line there. “Children should be helped here” Mine weaser said. “It’s live now. It is ready to go. Use it, use it, use it. “

“It happens so often that a student is home at night and needs help.” he said. “It’s another tool if you want to get there and use this.”

The district uses grants from the Elementary and Middle School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER) for the program.

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