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February 17, 2022

University facility shuttle services provide transportation to off-campus locations for train and shopping convenience.

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Did you know that the campus shuttle service offers off-campus transportation to Bay Street Station in Montclair, Clifton Commons and the ShopRite in Little Falls? These off-campus shuttles give you access to trains and weekend shopping and Wednesday shopping.

Saturday shuttles

The shopping shuttle on Saturday takes you to and from the Clifton Commons shopping center which includes Target and Stop & Shop. The shuttle departs from Red Hawk Deck at 11:00 am now through Saturday 7th May.

The Saturday Bay Street Station Shuttle also starts at Red Hawk Deck at 10:25am now through Saturday 7th May.

Please note: Saturday Shopper and Bay Street Station service will not be available on Saturday, March 5th and 12th, and Saturday, April 9th ​​and 16th.

For a detailed timetable, visit the shuttle services website and click on the “Shuttle Routes” arrow to view transit times.

Wednesday shuttle

The Wednesday ShopRite Shuttle takes you to and from the Red Hawk Deck to ShopRite in Little Falls every hour from 12:00pm to 3:00pm. The last return shuttle leaves ShopRite at 4:00 PM. Visit the Hunger Free website for full schedule information.

Please note: The Wednesday shuttle to ShopRite will not be available on Wednesday, March 7th.

security protocols

Please remember that drivers and passengers are encouraged to do so Always wear a face covering while in or near all university vehicles. Persons without mouth and nose protection are not allowed to board any campus shuttle bus.

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