Summit Daily News is seeking freelance editors for weekend shifts

Summit Daily News is hiring freelance editors to help in the editorial office.

Preferred qualifications include a degree in Journalism, Communications, English or a related field and previous experience as a newspaper editor. Successful applicants have the ability to fact check and work to deadlines under time pressure. Knowledge of local places, events and facilities is an advantage.

Job responsibilities include reviewing news and magazine articles for clarity, accuracy and readability. Knowledge of Associated Press style is desirable but not required. Editors are also responsible for editing and correcting pages for correct grammar, sentence structure, and spelling.

The job requires the use of technology to review PDFs containing news content and suggest digital edits. Access to Adobe Acrobat and a computer or laptop are required to complete the assignments.

Freelance editors support the editorial team, especially on Saturdays and Sundays in the evenings. However, some weekday shifts may be available if required. Tasks are expected to be completed within three hours per day, but exact times may vary based on story deadlines and workflow.

Payment is based on the number of pages proofread and is negotiated taking into account experience in the field.

Interested applicants should send a resume to Summit Daily News editor Andrew Maciejewski at [email protected].

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