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Sunday roast / Esben Holmboe Bang


Danish-born chef Esben Holmboe Bang’s food focuses on the fresh, bright flavors of Norway that he now calls home. His dishes made from organic, wild and biodynamic products are simple, complex and sometimes limitless. In addition to Maaemo, Norway’s only three-Michelin-star restaurant, Oslo-based Bang opened a shop in Shenzen in 2019 and, at the end of 2020, a lovely brasserie called The Vandelay the weekend newspapers and why he likes to start his Sunday early.

Where can we find you this weekend?
On Saturdays I spend in my restaurant, on Sundays I am mostly at home with the family – in the garden if the weather permits.

What is the ideal way to start a Sunday? Soft start or a jolt?
I always start my days early. It can be a gentle start, but it has to start.

Soundtrack of choice?
I put on a couple of jazz LPs early in the morning. Then I move on to talk on the radio.

What’s for breakfast?
Eggs and maybe pastries. I don’t like big, sweet breakfasts, so I prefer something warm and hearty. Toast with good cheese is my favorite.

News or not?
Definitely news. I like to scour the weekend papers.

Do some exercise to get your blood pumping?
Sunday is actually the only day that I don’t train; I get up early and see where the day leads me.

Lunch in or out?
Definitely inside.

Need for supplies that you cannot do without?
Really good cheese, butter, eggs and sourdough bread. Oh, and oatmeal for porridge. I love porridge.

Must Sunday culture?
I like to follow the news by listening to the radio in the afternoons. Then music. Films are also always a welcome addition.

Walking the Dog or Downward Facing Dog?
Maybe a little of both.

A glass of something you would recommend?
Lots of water and good coffee. When it’s time for dinner, a white burgundy.

Ideal venue for dinner?
Home. Preferably with family and friends.

The ideal evening menu?
A whole roast chicken with fried potatoes and a green salad – the perfect Sunday feast.

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