Tender – Purchase of local advisory services on Ukrainian legislation and practice in elections/referendums

The Council of Europe Project “Supporting the Transparency, Inclusiveness and Integrity of Electoral Practices in Ukraine” – Phase III (hereinafter “the Project”), implemented within the framework of the Action Plan for Ukraine 2018-2022, launches a tender procedure for the purchase of local elections advisory services Ukrainian electoral/referendum legislation and practice.

Estimated period for the provision of services: March 1, 2022 – December 31, 2023.

All offers should be sent to [email protected] Include “TENDER_ELECT_CONSULTANTS” in the subject line of the email February 28, 2022 included.

All questions must be submitted at 2 o’clock3 February 2022 and should only be sent to the e-mail address [email protected] with the following note in the subject of the e-mail: “QUESTIONS_TENDER_ELECT_CONSULTANTS”.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Master’s degree (or equivalent) in law, international law, international relations, public administration, public policy, political science or another related field;
  • At least five years of relevant experience related to the functioning and/or development of the Ukrainian electoral system, legislation and practice.

Expected Benefits

Provided expert advice and technical support to the project team on issues related to Ukrainian electoral/referendum legislation and practice, which may include, but are not limited to:

  • legal and political advice;
  • Assessing and commenting on legal and policy documents, preparing overviews in accordance with Council of Europe standards and identified good practices;
  • Preparation of analytical reports and recommendations;
  • development of policy documents and other publications;
  • development of training courses and materials;
  • conducting training courses/workshops/seminars;
  • developing strategies and methods and providing follow-up actions for their implementation;
  • conducting needs analyzes and preparing summary reports on specific topics;
  • legal proofreading and editing of research and project-related documents;
  • developing content for infographics and other public awareness materials;
  • Participation in events organized with the support of the project (meetings, round tables, workshops, seminars, working groups, training sessions, conferences, high-level meetings, study visits, regional events, online events), preparation and delivery of presentations;
  • Moderate / moderate discussions.

Documents to be provided

  • A completed and signed copy of the declaration of commitment (see attachment);
  • For legal entities and private entrepreneurs: registration documents (scanned copy of the originals in Ukrainian and/or English proving the bidder’s ability to engage in the relevant types of economic activities);
  • For legal entities: A detailed professional portfolio in English clearly showing that the tenderer (proposed staff) meets the eligibility criteria;
  • For natural persons including private entrepreneurs: A detailed CV in English, preferably in Europass format, clearly showing that the tenderer meets the eligibility criteria;
  • A list of the bidder’s previous expert work (e.g. expert opinions, articles, regulatory assessments, reports, research and/or other similar materials) with active links to them where possible (but not less than 2 links to the Ukrainian language publications) . ) on the topics of this call.

All documents are to be submitted in English, with the exception of registration documents to be submitted in Ukrainian and samples of previous work to be submitted as indicated above. Otherwise the tender will be excluded. If any of the above documents are missing, the Council of Europe reserves the right to reject the offer.

The Council reserves the right to refuse an offer if the scanned documents are of such quality that the documents cannot be read after printing.

Attachments to this announcement included full description of the terms and conditions of the providers:

  1. Tender documents/service description
  2. act of engagement

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