The most common mistakes when creating a resume



Mistakes in creating a résumé are usually common and can be the reason why we don’t get the long-awaited interview that we have been waiting for.

A curriculum vitae is the first thing recruiters see and the first impression they have of candidates depends on what they present on their resume and how it is presented.

This situation is the cause of many rejections of applications, for which interested parties find it difficult to find a job, or at least a job that suits their work profile.

If you don’t have the preparation and knowledge to make sure your resume is well designed or written, it is better to have trained staff oversee it. For more information, visit the sample résumé website. There you will find the right advice and knowledge of everything you need to know to build a successful resume.

Eight Common Mistakes To Avoid When Preparing Your Resume

  1. You should never just “resume” as a a title: Is one of the most common mistakes when writing a resume. If you want to make it stand out a bit more, it’s best to put your name in larger letters than the rest of the text, and then add your personal information.
  1. Have an inappropriate email address: It is convenient that you create a suitable e-mail address for work purposes only while you are looking for a job. Leave your usual address for private matters and always use the same address for business matters. You can create an address with your first and last name, initials, etc. that is simple and legitimate.
  1. Make spelling mistakes: It is perhaps the most critical and damaging mistake in writing a resume. Today there are hundreds of sites on the Internet where you can use the most common misspellings, dictionaries, proofreaders …
  1. Don’t focus your resume on the job: It is very common for people to create a single version of a resume, although applications are for very different positions, this is not a good thing as requirements can vary from one position to another
  1. Never use incomprehensible or highly technical language: Avoid very complicated words, abbreviations, or technical details; this will not be beneficial for most of the positions you are applying for. However, you need to analyze whether this is necessary for the desired position.
  1. Include hobbies unrelated to the position: It is also a very common mistake to indicate activities or hobbies that are unrelated to the position you are applying for.
  1. Be too creative: It is good to be creative, but not excessive at the expense of simplicity and clarity. Many candidates who want to stand out from their competition create a resume using many colors, sizes, and fonts that are different from those typically used. Please do not. Stick to the classic style and the most commonly used fonts, keep them in mind, at least from a professional point of view.
  1. Be incoherent: The lack of coherence is unforgivable. Before submitting the resume, always remember to double-check the dates and other details that need to be synced so that they match what is written.

Now that you know how to avoid some of the most common mistakes on a resume. Make sure to include a personalized cover letter on your resume for each vacancy. Good luck with your next application.


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