The President of Augusta University gives the address of the university

AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – “I think we have a strategic plan that won’t stand on the shelf and certainly won’t gather dust, it’s innovative, it’s unique, it’s exciting,” said Augusta University President Dr. Brooks Keel.

During the speech by Dr. Brooks Keel on the state of the university, he focused on past and present plans for students at Augusta University, beginning with enrollment. dr Keel says the university has increased student enrollments since 2015.

He says the university loses about 800 students each year, but this year that number rose to a thousand due to COVID. He says that hasn’t stopped the AU from attracting students.

“Only 5 institutions saw an increase in enrollment across the 26 campuses across the state of Georgia and Augusta University, yes one of them,” said Dr. Keel.

Augusta University Medical School is one of the top medical institutions in the state of Georgia.

dr Keel says they are working to keep this going by funding medical research into things like dementia and brain aging.

“We know the cost of medical education and the cost of all education has increased overtime, but medical education in particular,” said Dr. Keel

He also says they are working to build more available parking for students and staff.

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