The University of Arizona College of Medicine starts the school year with a COVID-19 case


Freshman medical students began teaching today with a warning on the University of Arizona campus in Phoenix.

Someone tested positive for COVID-19 and became symptomatic during a new student orientation last week.

The medical school informed the faculties, staff and students that if they attended the event, they believed that you were in contact with the infected person.

“It’s a feeling of, oh man, it’s like you want to go back to normal, but then you realize [COVID-19] It’s still one thing to be sure and hear what the professors are saying, ”said Mahesh Challapalli, a freshman medical student from Nevada.

Arizona lawmakers just passed law, signed by the governor, prohibiting public schools and universities from requiring people to vaccinate against COVID-19 or wear a mask. There is an exception for medical students in a clinical setting, who can be required to wear masks.

The medical school recommends everyone to get vaccinated.

“I didn’t think I finally got away from him, you know. We’re still climbing out of the pandemic, but I’m glad we’re all vaccinated and doing everything we can to stay safe,” said Quin Johnson, a medical student first year from California.

A College of Medicine spokesman said details of the positive COVID-19 test were made available to faculties, staff and students on Monday. Soon after, it confirmed the results.

“If you are vaccinated, they said you pretty much watch out for symptoms and then quarantine,” 1 saidst Year medical student Frank Cossio of Phoenix.

The College of Medicine says it will continue to monitor the situation.

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