TikToker claims they were arrested for delivering UberEats to a school in Texas

A TikToker has gone viral after claiming he was arrested by Texas police after delivering food to a school principal while doing UberEats.

As companies like DoorDash, UberEats, and GrubHub have grown in popularity over the years, more and more people are ordering food for lunch and dinner.

Now that schools around the world are getting back to class, teachers and other school staff are using the apps to order lunches throughout the workday.

TikToker Jonathan Reisig delivered food to a Texas school principal and described clashing with police during the delivery.

TikToker was arrested after delivering UberEats to a Texas school

Jonathan was uploaded on August 20th and described the situation just moments after it happened.

“Sorry about my eyes. I was just arrested by the police. I didn’t do anything wrong, I was just picking up an UberEats order for a principal,” he explained.

“She meets me at the door and I turn and see two officers asking me what I’m doing there. ‘I only deliver food,’ I said.”

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He went on to explain that police handcuffed him while they searched his car and called other officers to the scene.

“I will never deliver to a school again. The next time that happens I’ll just go into the app and cancel it,” he explained in the TikTok video.

in one Second video updatehe announced the police officers were placed on administrative leave the same day and the superintendent is working with Jonathan to provide evidence that he was mistreated during the encounter.

Reisig says both he and the school teacher have video recordings of the incident but presumably cannot upload it due to the ongoing legal situation.

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