University of Georgia is offering $ 1,000 incentives to vaccinate students and staff


Starting September 1, the University of Georgia will be giving away $ 1,000 in cash prizes for getting shots in the arms.

This is one of several incentives they have to get everyone fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

University leaders said they had 25,000 vaccinations through their health department, and many more of their community members had vaccinated through community providers.

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“I’m doing a little more research,” said unvaccinated newcomer Caroline Crawley.

She told FOX 5 News why she hasn’t gotten the footage yet.

“I only have allergies and that took me to the hospital once, so I’m reluctant to get the vaccine just because I don’t know what that will do to me,” she told us.

But the newbie is not alone.

We spoke to a couple of students on Tuesday who weren’t vaccinated.

Some said they disagreed with it, others are still researching its safety and effectiveness.

“For me, it just goes at my own pace and I make sure I don’t get any negative side effects from it,” explained Crawley.

Starting Wednesday, UGA executives are hoping $ 1,000 will be enough to get students to roll up their sleeves.

Fully vaccinated, faulty, employees and students can enter their names in a raffle to win the cash prize.

Unvaccinated students we spoke to reacted differently.

Some said the chance to win $ 1,000 is worth rolling up your sleeves.

However, others said they would not change their minds.

“I can’t understand myself why you don’t get one, but at the same time I understand that such a decision is difficult to make, but I think the incentives are a good idea and force people to ponder why I don’t get them “said the newcomer Julia Whilden.

This incentive is open to anyone who has been vaccinated through the university or another provider.

“The university has the money and it’s a great way to use that money,” said PhD student Jacob Kremer.

UGA already offers two further vaccination incentives.

President Dr. Jere Morehead said vaccinations are her community’s best protection against COVID-19.

“I’d say a little concerned because this campus is so crowded and has nearly 40,000 students, so it’s very populated,” Crawley said.

The university does not have a mask or vaccine mandate stating that the Council of Regency does not allow its institutions to do so.

Crawley said that when she finishes her research, she will likely get vaccinated if she is comfortable.

However, she admitted that the incentives will not affect her decision in any way.

“For me, public safety is really number one, so that is enough of an incentive.”

There are only 100 of these cash prizes to be won.

Other universities, like Kennesaw State University, offer similar incentives with the aim of getting as many people as possible vaccinated.

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