Virtual Vocations publishes 3rd annual report

Virtual jobs saw an increase of more than 20% in total job postings from remote employer partners in 2021 compared to the previous year.

“The continued growth of our employer partner program, which will add 94 new members by 2021, clearly demonstrates the demand for quality remote job postings from established companies that value remote workers.” -Laura Spawn, CEO and co-founder of Virtual Vocations

One of the web’s leading online job boards shines a light on more than two dozen remote-enabled employers who have continued to prove they prioritize flexibility in the workplace.

Founded in 2007, Virtual Vocations has been matching job seekers with legitimate, peer-vetted remote job opportunities for the last 15 years.

This week the company named its Top 25 Employer Partners for Remote Work in 2022 to highlight employers who have worked directly with the Virtual Vocations team over the past year to share their current vacancies remotely with motivated job seekers looking for flexible, virtual working arrangements.

In total, from January to December 2021, more than 100 employers who participated in Virtual Vocations’ exclusive employer affiliate program shared a total of 854 remote job openings.

Accordingly Virtual Professions CEO and co-founder Laura Spawn, this represents a 20.96% increase over the total number of positions advertised by Employer Partners last year.

“The continued growth of our Employer Partner Program, which will add 94 new members in 2021, clearly demonstrates the demand for quality remote job postings from established companies that value remote workers,” said Spawn.

With headquarters in states like Delaware, California and Georgia, Virtual Vocations employer partners have shared jobs in 2021 across a variety of industries including:

  • Administration;
  • Customer service;
  • Sale;
  • Marketing; and
  • Education.

Most of the jobs shared by Virtual Vocations’ employer partners were full-time, permanent positions that were 100% remote, meaning they did not require on-site travel or on-site work. As job seekers continue to value remote jobs when seeking flexible working arrangements, in February 2022 Virtual Vocations committed to only sharing 100% remote jobs in its job database going forward.

The move will allow the company to “refine our website to reflect the best and most desirable opportunities for job seekers,” said Erin Feldman, employer and business partnerships specialist at Virtual Vocations.

“We’re excited to focus on fully virtual positions and how this will improve hiring outcomes across the board in 2022,” added Feldman.

Ranked by the number of remote jobs shared from January to December 2021, the following companies were named Virtual Vocations’ top five employer partners for remote work in 2022:

1. Reach test prep

2. Agilent Technologies


4. Working Solutions

5. Uscreen

Other remote-enabled organizations that made the top 10 in Virtual Vocations’ third annual ranking of top employer partners were StudySmarter,, SMC National, and Littera Education Inc.

To view the full list of Virtual Vocations’ 25 Best Employer Partners for Remote Work in 2022 and learn more about their current remote jobs, visit:


Founded in 2007 by CEO Laura Spawn and her brother, CTO Adam Stevenson, Virtual Vocations is a small company with a big mission: to connect job seekers with legitimate remote job opportunities. To date, Virtual Vocations has helped more than four million job seekers in their flexible remote work search.

In addition to providing a database containing tens of thousands of live, hand-screened remote jobs at any time, Virtual Vocations offers job seekers a range of tools to support their job search, including exclusive e-courses and downloadable content, and resume writing services. Virtual Vocations also publishes several data-backed reports each year on current trends in remote work.

Virtual Vocations, Inc. is a private, family owned, 100% virtual company based in Tucson, Arizona.


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