Wednesday, March 16 Warm afternoon, then rain this evening and tomorrow

Wednesday March 16th

morning report

With the end of winter, we shift our focus to everyday outdoor activities. As a parent of two children in sports, I understand the importance of tracking rain and wet fields. That will be a topic for the next two days.

73ºF was reached in Baltimote yesterday which helped dry out the wet soil but a fresh round of rain will arrive tonight through tomorrow. The good news is that “most” of our days are in the 60’s and 70’s and will be dry for the next week.


  • Today back to the lower 70s
  • The rain will start late tonight
  • Tomorrow: Rain/more near Baltimore, South and East
  • The next chance of rain is on Saturday

Set up tomorrow

surface weather

The next southerly storm (that’s where our snow from last weekend came from) will give us increasing clouds today. So look out for milky white skies and fading sunshine this afternoon. But we should get warm again.

The rain will arrive tonight and most of tomorrow.

morning temperatures

afternoon temperatures

TODAY 16.03

Seasonal Snow: 14.4″

Normal low in Baltimore: 33ºF

Record 14º F in 1911

Normal high in Baltimore: 54ºF

Record 85ºF 1945

rain tomorrow

Rain starts after 9pm tonight, then we focus on the showers and steady rain during the day.

The track shows less rain northwest of Baltimore, more around the city and to the south/east.

March 16 Weather Rain Radar Thursday

Thursday morning

Thursday afternoon

Rain is pounding until Saturday

After tomorrow’s rain event we are waiting for the push of the next system on Saturday. This will come with warmer air. There will be no washout and it’s hard to call it a ‘wet’ day, but the chance of showers is around 60% and it may last a few hours in the afternoon.

March 16 Weather Rain Storm Saturday

7 day forecast

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