WGA cancels Do-Not-Work contract for Constantin Film after the dispute has been settled – deadline

The WGA has its ban on members of Constantin Film Development, the leading German production company behind films like that resident Evil Franchise, Downfall and The Baader Meinhof Complex.

The guild issued the non-labor injunction in October because the company “refused to pay balances on most overseas re-uses” and failed to pay pension and health insurance contributions for some writers.

When the order was lifted, the leaders of the WGA West informed their members on Friday that “Constantin had reached an agreement with the guild on the payment of foreign balances as well as pension and health insurance contributions. The parties have also resolved the pending arbitration that will result in the company paying $ 1.1 million in outstanding debt to authors. Constantin is therefore once again a WGA signatory company and WGA members can provide writing services for this. “

In their message, WGA West President Meredith Stiehm, Vice President Michele Mulroney and Finance Minister Betsy Thomas said: “All authors are indebted to the WGA members who ceased to work for Constantin on October 29th when they ceased to order Working Rule 8 to write . Constantin has given up trying to undercut the standards and conditions of authors because he needs WGA authors now and in the future. “

Labor Rule 8 of the Guild states that “no member shall accept or sell options or literary material to any person, company or corporation that has not signed the applicable minimum basic agreements may sell. “

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