Where to get the monthly Nozaki-kun. for girls to see and read

Nozaki-Kun from Monthly Girls is a charming shonen comedy with flowery shojo elements and always welcomes new fans.

The world of manga and anime is sometimes very confident, and some popular series feature characters who actually draw their own manga or set up their own animation studio Bakuman be a popular example. However, this title is not the only one. A more humorous and lighthearted take on the concept of “manga about manga” is the popular series Monthly Nozaki-kun. for girls.

Monthly Nozaki-kun. for girls has no overarching plot, but lives from a simple premise and a constantly growing cast of fun-loving characters who play off each other in a dazzling variety of amusing situations. The manga artist in question is Umetaro Nozaki, and he and his admirer / assistant Chiyo Sakura are ready to make new fans in the world of. to welcome Nozaki-kun.

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The plot of Nozaki-kun. for monthly girls

monthly girl Nozaki Kun

The title character of this comedy series, Umetaro Nozaki, is a beefy but mellow high school graduate who is already a published shojo manga artist and is drawing a popular series by the title Let’s fall in love, serialized in a mainstream magazine. Nozaki is modestly proud of his work, even if he upsets his editor with bizarre ideas for new chapters, and he also welcomes many new assistants to his studio to help make the best manga possible. One of his first recruits is his suitor, a petite and energetic girl named Chiyo Sakura. She finally found the courage to confess her feelings of love to Nozaki – only so that he politely and platonically offered her a role as his assistant.

Chiyo may be frustrated by Nozaki’s aromantic reaction, but she loves shojo and art and takes her new endeavor seriously. She and Nozaki take inspiration from their carnival-like life in high school to write new chapters Let’s fall in love, and over time, more and more friends are joining the Nozaki team as Inkers, background experts, and more. Half the time, however, Chiyo hardly thinks about shojo manga, but gets carried away by the humorous, crazy, bizarre, and sometimes romantic antics around her. Her many classmates all have their own crushes, goals, and misunderstandings, and Chiyo loves everything.

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Where to read the Nozaki-kun monthly manga for girls

the Monthly Nozaki-kun. for girls Manga series is ongoing, although collectors should be aware that new volumes are coming out very slowly in both Japan and the West, so collecting future volumes will require serious patience. At the time of writing there are 12 individual volumes of Nozaki-kun Translated into English, no trace of the translation of Volume 13 yet. For the time being, the series is only available in these individual volumes, with no deluxe bound editions or collective editions on the market.

Interested manga collectors can start with online vendors such as the Barnes & Noble catalog, which has all 12 current volumes of Nozaki-kun, both in paperback and in Nook e-reader versions for fans of digital media. This series is also available in paperback from Right Stuf Anime, and Amazon’s books division has the 12 volumes in paperback and digital volumes on Kindle.

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Where to see the Nozaki-kun monthly anime for girls

Monthly Nozaki-kun. for girls has a 12 episode anime, and that single season of the anime can either be streamed online or purchased on Blu-ray DVD. Anime fans who want to stream this Nozaki-kun Anime can check out Netflix, which has this anime in Japanese, English, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese dubbing, with subtitles in English, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. Crunchyroll also streams all 12 episodes of Nozaki-kun, dubbed in Japanese with English, Latin American, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese subtitles.

Anime fans can try Blu-ray release from Nozaki-kun available on request in the online catalog of Amazon as well as in the online catalog of Right Stuf Anime. The Blu-ray edition is dubbed in Japanese and English but has only English subtitles.

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