James Milner could take over as Liverpool assistant manager ‘tomorrow’

Liverpool have some great managers within the club but a really special part of the team is the presence of some real leaders like James Milner.

In his book Intensity (via The Mirror), Pep Lijnders described our vice-captain’s role ahead of kick-off in the Champions League final against Real Madrid: “I walk in and I see him standing there and he said, ‘If you’re not fully committed, if you’re not fully committed, just think about what all these people who are standing here are doing for you every day , which gives you the two or three percent you’ll need.

“Like I said, he could have my title tomorrow, assistant manager. The club is made around these players, around these characters. They are so much more than just footballers. They are examples, they really are legends. Not legends as you see them, but legends in terms of ultimate team players and that, I think, makes them winners for life.”

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It’s not a surprise but nonetheless very impressive to hear the 36-year-old’s role in our squad and many could vividly imagine how he would rise in the dressing room.

The events outside the Stade de France were undoubtedly worse for the fans in attendance, but they would also have affected the players’ preparation for the game.

We can only imagine the hectic scenes in the dressing room as kick-off for the big game against Real Madrid was twice postponed.

Jordan Henderson is the club’s captain but similar to the relationship with Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher, his deputy plays a huge role.

It didn’t produce the result we all wanted but it did give the Leeds-born veteran another opportunity to prove himself again as a great person and such an important part of this club.

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