Technology tips from the OIT at the start of the spring semester

The following information was released from the Information Technology Office to the faculty of the university in December.

Below are general updates on academic technology tools that support both face-to-face and hybrid teaching, as well as training opportunities and additional help resources.

Tool updates

Adobe Connect

Fixed issues in the latest update
The Standard View UI, included in the latest version of Adobe Connect, addresses many of the issues that users face in Classic View. If you continue to use Classic View, the only way for meeting room users to join is from the desktop application. Please note that the classic view user interface is expected to be phased out. We therefore recommend downloading and using the standard view in the future.

If you’re using a Mac computer, you might need to uninstall and reinstall Adobe Connect if the application doesn’t prompt you to update.

To access the latest version, visit Adobe Connect Downloads or Ohio University Adobe Connect Install.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Now available for faculty and staff
Adobe Creative Cloud is now available to all OHIO faculties and employees. This includes many applications such as Photoshop and more.


Ultra courses available for all instructors
All Instructors can now register for Blackboard Ultra courses by contacting the Service Desk at [email protected] Ultra courses have a cleaner, more modern design with easy-to-use workflows and powerful new tools. Special thanks go to our preview attendees last year, whose invaluable feedback helped us prepare Ultra courses for wider adoption. Look out for exercise opportunities in January.

Blackboard Ultra can now be integrated into teams! A nice feature of this integration is that you can now create a Teams classroom for your courses right in Blackboard. If you don’t want to use the Blackboard Ultra Preview, you can request a Teams classroom for your courses through OIT.

Microsoft bookings

Save time planning
Save time scheduling appointments with Microsoft Bookings, a free tool that integrates with your Outlook calendar and Microsoft Teams. Bookings allows you to provide a scheduling link to users inside and outside OHIO to schedule appointments with you, your department or your team within parameters that you control. Popular features include remote or face-to-face meeting options; Settings for how early or late an appointment can be booked, postponed or canceled; and a planner role that allows you to delegate calendar management.

Microsoft Teams

New features
Teams has released a new security feature that meeting organizers can use to lock meetings. After everyone has joined the meeting, you can lock the meeting to prevent anyone else, including invited attendees, from joining. In addition to this role, Teams is a great resource for teaching hybrid courses. Check out this short video on Using Teams in a Hybrid Environment to learn more.

To see the latest Teams updates, visit What’s New in Microsoft Teams or type “/ whatsnew” in the Teams search bar.

OHIO test services

OHIO Testing Services is preparing to resume full on-campus monitoring capacity for the spring semester high stakes exams. All students with customized exams approved by the Accessibility Services will continue to plan with the OHIO Exam Services.

Proctortrack updates

Be on the lookout for information from OIT this spring on important updates to the Proctortrack app.


Upgrade available in the new year
Panopto will be undergoing an upgrade in early January, including automatic archiving and improvements to the course copy process, email notifications, audio accessibility and the mobile app. Blackboard Ultra courses can also accept video assignments submitted by students. See the latest Panopto upgrade article for more details.


Setting of the virtual classroom tool
Top Hat will discontinue its Virtual Classroom tool on January 5th. If you are currently using this tool, a Top Hat representative will reach out to you with alternative options.

Top Hat offers a variety of tools for teaching and asynchronous interaction with students. Top Hat’s surveys, quizzes, assignments, and discussion features are available to OHIO faculties who wish to use this centrally supported and free student tool for student attendance, student engagement, or online course materials.

Turnitin and SafeAssign

Improve the submission of Blackboard assignments
The submission of assignments in Blackboard can be enhanced through the use of originality verification tools. These tools provide a simple solution to maintaining academic integrity on assignments. Check out our digital plagiarism detection toolbox to see if they are right for you.

REDCap and Qualtrics

Survey tool options have been expanded
REDCap, a survey tool ideal for collecting longitudinal data, data in community settings, or data for multi-site projects, has been added to the OIT survey tool options. REDCap is a secure web-based survey tool available to all OHIO faculties, employees and students.

REDCap joins Qualtrics as another survey tool to offer a CAPTCHA option to prevent bots from responding to your surveys. Schedule a REDCap workshop or a Qualtrics workshop to get the most out of your surveys.

Language thread

New features now available
In addition to percentage grading, you can now add point values ​​to assignments.

Another new feature allows commentators to add slides to any VoiceThread, opening up new opportunities for collaboration.

Ensure tool accessibility and safety
If you are using any software or tool that is not centrally supported by the OIT, even if the solution is free, donated or inexpensive, please submit an OHIO technology review application to ensure that the university data stored in the system is adequately protected and all Your students can access the tool and use it successfully.

Free workshops

Great classroom workshops
The OIT organizes several large face-to-face training courses for the spring semester. Sign up for one of these workshops, held the week of January 3rd, to familiarize yourself with the technology available in centrally organized large classrooms with a capacity of 99+ learners. Additional technology training for Irvine 194/199 and Schoonover 450 will be available in January.

Upcoming provider workshops
We are pleased to be able to offer provider-led training courses in the week of January 3, 2022 in preparation for the spring semester. Training opportunities include Blackboard Ultra, Microsoft Teams, Panopto, Top Hat, and VoiceThread. These online training courses take place in addition to our regular OIT technology training courses.

Classroom Help Hub

Get help quickly
To address the need for quick access to classroom help materials, we’ve created a new QR code to connect you to our classroom help hub.

Flyers with the new QR code will be posted on the lecterns in the classrooms, where they can be easily found and scanned.

The Classroom Help Hub contains a list of the technologies available in each centrally managed classroom, as well as troubleshooting guides for audio, hardware, and other common problems. You also have access to the technology finder and contact information for additional help.

Update your device

Don’t ignore update reminders! Take time during the semester to download and install updates on your university and personal devices. Consistent updates make your device safe and work more efficiently.

Protect your data

Securing your data is vital to protecting the university and yourself.

The information security office has established standards so that you can make the best decisions when storing data by type or by solution. If you have any questions about the storage or transfer of data, please contact information security or make an appointment for a consultation.

Do you still need help?

On the Tech Ready website you will find the most common technical topics at the start of the semester for teachers and students. Use the Technology Help Center ( to open and track your help tickets online. Work is underway to add other useful help articles and other resources to the Technology Help Center throughout the spring semester.

Do you need further practical help? Make an appointment for a consultation with an OIT expert.

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