Vice Chancellors Committee elects Layer3Cloud Services


Emma Okonji

The Committee of Vice Chancellors of Nigerian Universities (CVCNU) has selected Layer3Cloud for its cloud services.

The CVCNU, the umbrella organization of the vice chancellors of the Nigerian federal, state and private universities, will use Layer3Cloud to innovate faster and to offer their self-developed plagiarism detection software with the code name EagleScan.

Running on Nigeria’s premier cloud, CVCNU can scale its application to the reliable infrastructure of Layer3Cloud, improving the availability and reliability of the site to provide better performance to users in Nigeria and around the world even in times of high demand.

CVCNU leverages the breadth and depth of Layer3Cloud’s capabilities, including virtual data centers, managed databases, computing, storage, security, and data warehousing, to accelerate the innovation of new customer-facing products and services while significantly reducing development costs for those products.

CVCNU General Secretary Prof. Yakubu Ochefu said, “As our preferred choice for cloud infrastructure and services, we are excited to leverage their platform with the increased availability, low latency, performance and security that comes with running on Layer3Cloud are connected.

“By using Layer3Cloud, we can also meet the requirements of the federal government for local data residency and data sovereignty, since the company with its data centers in Nigeria is a local cloud service provider.”

Adeniyi Osibeluwo, Head of Cloud Business at Layer3, said: “We live in an era of deep and rapid digital transformation and are proud to be able to support CVCNU in providing them with the right platform for the introduction of their innovative product. By using our cloud, CVCNU can access an innovative infrastructure that is local, agile, robust and easily adaptable to the growing requirements of your organization. “

Layer3Cloud is Layer3’s specially developed cloud infrastructure, which consists of several data centers in Nigeria. It is an award-winning platform with multiple ISO certifications such as ISO27001 and ISO27017, as well as PCIDSS industry certification.

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