What AI tools are there that can write and think like humans?


In these modern times, when technology and its functions are integrated into people’s everyday lives, the use of artificial intelligence tools is becoming increasingly popular. Not only can they be useful to humanity, but some of them can literally think and do things as we do. Computer programmers and electronics engineers work tirelessly to integrate these machines into regular use. The key is to design such tools to be beneficial to humans while also bringing something new and exciting that will go viral. Out of dozens of AI tools that have already been developed, some of them can truly become like humans. So let’s see what these tools are and how people can get the most out of using them.


Copywriting is a profession that is well represented in online businesses today. You can say that people write more now than they used to. This situation can have occurred for several reasons. But probably the biggest of these is that typing takes precedence over handwriting. Today, keyboards have completely replaced typing by hand, as was common in the past. Hence, professional writers strive to use advanced technology and the latest trends and features to make their jobs easier. Writesonic just allows it. It’s an AI tool that focuses on keeping the order of various landing pages, blog posts, ads, product descriptions, and many other types of copywriting. Nowadays, AI tools can write great content, just like humans. Writesonic is one of the most highly valued and valued tools of its kind. Its functionality focuses on the use of GP3 (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3). For those who may never have heard of it, it represents an autoregressive language model that uses in-depth learning to its advantage to provide people with human-like written texts. This is the latest third generation speech prediction model developed by OpenAI in San Francisco. Writesonic’s work is mainly focused on increasing the level of interaction by delivering compelling content to readers. This tool precisely analyzes the patterns and then outputs them. Another feature of this AI tool that can be of great use is its adaptability to blog posts. She can write it like the human hand would.

Word smith

Have you ever worried about your storytelling and storytelling skills? It is a common occurrence among the student communities who are particularly interested in the subject. If so, then you shouldn’t have any more concerns of this nature as Wordsmith is now at your disposal. It is an AI natural language generation tool that relates to transforming the data into an insightful narrative. Its high-speed API easily transforms input data into productive narration. But not only that. It can also publish this data on your behalf and update it with the latest changes and upgrades. Because students often want to avoid Turnitin’s plagiarism detection In her essays, this AI tool fits her problems perfectly. Are you wondering how It can enable you to have over 1000 written samples, mostly articles per month, for a total price of only $ 250. What more can you ask of an artificial intelligence-based tool?

AI author

With writing becoming one of the most popular freelance niches in the modern world, there are more and more writers who have seemingly insoluble problems with their writing. Marketing often belongs to professional writers who want to get their work published online. Unfortunately, there are many problems with this very step. Ai Writer is an AI tool that provides high quality content related to marketing needs to others. It can write an article from scratch with just a little bit of information. Just enter the keywords and the title of your article and let this tool do its magic. They will write a whole article for you using their writing bot. This tool can be beneficial for bloggers and any online website that provides people with written content. For smaller bloggers, groups, or a business in need of a short-term solution, AI Writer can be used for a $ 19 monthly subscription. Another option is to use it regularly as a content creator, which will cost you around $ 49 a month. There is also the third option, which is often customized and usually related to business needs.


Writers who are new to their profession or who are lacking in confidence will often turn to paraphrasing. Well, QuillBot can help you with that. It’s an AI tool with great integration specially designed for paraphrase. With this tool you can change the structure of sentences and rewrite any word or phrase. Hence, it can help you sort out unwanted words and create effective paraphrases. This tool is built right into Google Chrome and Google Docs. There is also a free version that has a word limit of 700. However, there is also a premium version that usually costs around $ 6.7 per month.


Some of you may think that having such AI tools by our side is a great privilege. And you shouldn’t hesitate to say it as it is completely true. The youngest generations have the luxury of using this advanced technology on a daily basis. Needless to say, how effective these tools are, and we can only hope that we will develop many more in the future.

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