How can a writing service be used as an educational tool for students?

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Writing tools provide students with a variety of services. These include grammar checking, drafting, brainstorming, referencing, plagiarism checking, etc. While such tools make scientific writing easier, they should not be viewed as a scam. In fact, writing services can serve as practical learning tools for students to help them build basic writing skills. Engineering assignments help writers know all about writing services and explain how exactly they can contribute to students’ academic growth.

Write and sketch beforehand

Services like Scrivener help to create outlines and break the papers into related and logical paragraphs and sections. Writing services like this one help students understand the tricks of the pre-writing process and better plan their papers. Such writing services are beneficial for students who are having difficulty getting their work started and are having difficulty structuring their ideas in a comprehensive way.

Another great example of the tools in this area is Simplenote. This service helps to organize ideas quickly and effectively so that none of them escape the author. Services of this type can help students plan their work, think about the things they want to cover, and choose the focus of their work. In the long run, services like Simplenote encourage critical thinking and reflexivity in students.

Learn how to properly reference sources

Some writing services will help students properly cite resources and produce correct citations in a chosen style. These services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • BibMe
  • Citation machine
  • Citavi
  • City lights
  • EasyBib
  • Zotero
  • RefDot
  • Otto Bib

Some may say that using these services is unethical, as students should learn to create citations and references manually. However, there is nothing against relying on such typing services when there is a lack of skills or simply a large piece of work needs to be completed in a limited time frame. Referencing services can help students understand how to create citations in different styles and create bibliographic lists. This means that you can quickly master manual referencing.

Grammar and style

Writing grammatically correct papers is a skill that takes a lot of practice and effort. Writing services can facilitate the learning process in this area as they help students identify and correct mistakes. For example, Grammarly highlights errors and offers suggestions for improving the text. It helps writers spot and revise wordy sentences, remove the rude language, avoid contractions and passive voice, etc. It also explains why revisions are needed, which is critical to learning. Students who memorize and apply grammatical suggestions in their subsequent work can greatly improve their writing skills.

Learn to avoid plagiarism

Inexperienced writers often make a serious mistake – they copy and paste someone else’s words without reference. Plagiarism checkers like Copyscape, Grammarly, Turnitin, and others detect plagiarism and allow students to revise the paper and make it unique. Therefore, plagiarism detection services are a valuable educational tool as they help students avoid plagiarism through correct rewriting and rephrasing. These services can make students more aware of their writing strategies and teach them to use original words and phrases rather than copying others’ ideas.

Develop focus

Students can be easily distracted, so services like Anti-Social are a great way to develop concentration skills. By using such services, students can become more focused, determined, and efficient, which ultimately makes them better writers.

Editing and writing service

Even the use of editing and writing aids can be a valuable educational tool. For example, a student has created a paper draft but is having trouble developing ideas or organizing them logically. They can understand what they did wrong and how the task instructions should have been completed by using writing aids. You can use the paper someone else wrote or edited as a template for future tasks. However, the positive impact of writing services can only be observed if students reflect on their mistakes and treat professional help as a one-off tool to promote their academic skills. Students who use the editing and writing services excessively will never be able to advance in academic writing.

Students seeking feedback on their writing have a better chance of becoming excellent writers. Some services only provide detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement, while the students themselves have to do the most responsible work of revising and editing. Using such services is neither unethical nor ineffective. On the contrary, students who follow the tips of experienced academic writers can develop excellent writing skills and better understand academic standards, formatting, paper organization, etc.

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